Planning Spain Luxury Vacation Travel

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Planning Spain Luxury Vacation Travel

“Thank you Rachel and Dan!… Magical Spain ´s reputation as a top tour operator in Spain is well earned. I hope we will have the chance to meet again and perhaps plan our next trip in the region.

The axiom “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” is very true. Your services are 110% valuable and a great investment.”

Jimmy Lu  – NYC & Asia


Thank you for your very gracious email Jimmy. Hope all is very well with your business and new offices in Hong Kong. Apologies for the delay in reply over the long weekend.

Yours is a perplexing challenge, one we have faced personally and professionally as well. May 2016 is it the best year for your trip. We are happy to postpone and credit you for 2017.

If we can help your colleagues with  Spain or Portugal please ask.

We wish you and yours all the best on your Spain trip and beyond!

kind regards,



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Hello Er Luen Lim!

Just a quick follow up on our email Monday with planning questions.

I did not seem to find a response.

kind regards & cheers,

Rachel Harris



Hope you had a nice weekend!   Dan OBeirne said he had a very nice conversation with you.

Yes we can help you at the 5 to 6K euro + tax price point,

BUT while keeping quality high.

Truth is, by using lower quality planing, cheap guides, cheaper lower quality transport, cheap hotels and support staff with bad English,

other agencies might offer you a cheaper trip.

But you would likely not be happy because you deserve better. Sometime cheaper cost more because you miss out on better experiences & top service

So you can see how we tailor-make your trip, our planning / logistics questions for your trip:

1) You will be 7 persons total is that right?       This includes 3 grandparents, no?…

2)  Number of Hotel rooms:   Would you prefer to have 4 rooms (1 individual) ?… or another way?

3) Dan noted you prefer non-urban experiences in general where possible with maybe a half day for a private VIP highlights of Barcelona tour, is that right?

4)  Is everyone OK for walking on country dirt trails and cobblestone with some inclines?…. any health restrictions we should plan for?

5)  Diet preferences:   I see the kids prefer rice and pasta, (mine too).  For the others, any special preferences?

6)  You prefer 1 guide from start to finish is that right?…

In this case, we still will likely have to  contract some local regional guides as there is

no one guide who will know all the many many places between Salamanca & Barcelona.

7)  dates:  start, June 3/ 4  Salamanca     end , Barcelona June 12/13

If we are handling you trip, you will get one of ONLY 5 trips we offer per week.

This is how we can promise an unforgettable trip, with no hurry & no worry.

You deserve that  +   happy customers are the best marketing  🙂

We look forward to your kind news.

Many thanks,

Rachel Harris

I do appreciate the effort you and Dan had spent in linking up with myself and finding out more


about our preferences and needs. Your advice on paying for quality services is also well received.

I have been on several tours before and the axiom “you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” is very true.


Just a quick follow up on our email Monday with planning questions.

Best from Madrid!

kind regards & cheers,

Rachel Harris



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