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private luxury Spain trip for Americans

Dear fellow world traveler!
You may know, we only do private luxury Spain trip for Americans around Spain or Portugal.
This means your dates, your people, your interest, with our expert team
creating a customized itinerary  +  seamless planning   +  24-7 support in clear English.
4 Key Questions for private luxury Spain trip for Americans:
–  Do you have a sense of dates & interest?
–  What is the #1 factor to make this trip an unforgettable success ?
–  Anything you want to avoid or skip?
–  What are you looking to invest in this adventure of a lifetime?
(Kindly note that most things in Spain, like Italy,
are more expensive than Portugal)
Did you see our Spain Top 20 PDF?​

 Lastly, there are many agencies, but we are the ONLY to self-limit 5 trips / week.  This means more quality control & creative
planning for  the best experience possible.
Thanks again!
Rachel Harris

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 Surprisingly to many, Spain is nearly the largest country of western Europe 
and has 4 languages, little English, a bunch of mountain ranges that lead to diverse regions
& make getting around slower than it appears on maps. See more here:
So with only 7 days you could do part but not all of Spain, unless we get a private jet…. which we can but it’s crazy expensive, like from 45,000 euro per person!!!
 (tiny market, we do only a few of these a year).
Biggest price factor is type of hotels (4 or 5 star) + type of rooms (standard to suites)
+  extravagance of experiences: helicopters & Lambos run high, while local private tours are great bang for buck.
So most of our “normal” but exclusive private luxe adventures range from 9500 euro + tax  / person
to 5500 euro + tax /person.
This includes custom planning your way, 100% peace of mind, private tours, food tastings, top guides, top hotels,
chauffeured transfers and 24/7 VIP support + access to our “insider experiences” based on your interest when possible.
Kids under 8 travel free with parents. Do you have a sense of what you are looking to spend?
Our initial suggestion is avoid crisscrossing the country (wasting time) and
focus on ENJOYING 1 region like Andalucia, with a ton of diverse experiences:
UNESCO attractions, romantic cities like Seville & Granada,
beauty, medieval villages & castles, flamenco, vinos & tapas cuisine & more.
Look forward to your news or questions.

Warning: Beware "Low Cost" Faux Luxury