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For over 23 years our expert team has been providing US travelers with world-class luxury tours of Spain and Portugal. 

Find out more about them below, before requesting your own free tour itinerary to see discover their planning skills first-hand!

Dan O’Beirne 

American Founder & Partner + Family Guy in Spain

After working in the American health & wellness sector, bilingual Dan’s wanderlust + family roots in Ireland and Spain, and led him to Europe.  He soon fell in love with Spain and Portugal. An active foodie, he enjoys passionate people and beautiful sunsets. Dan’s amigos include Spanish winemakers, chefs, art historians, artists, and artisans. Dan has been listed by PBS TV travel show host Rick Steve’s in his Spain travel books. He is a lifelong NFL New Orleans Saints fan but prefers soccer for his son. Dan has assisted the TRAVEL CHANNEL and MTV on location in Spain. An international traveler himself,  Dan has visited Peru, Morocco, Chile, China, and Korea along with much of Europe and other parts of Latin America.

” The secret of our success with tailor-made Spain travel or Portugal luxury trips is my Spanish wife and I live in Spain and listen to our American customers’ needs and dreams.  After 20 years in Spain & Portugal, my team and I know the difference between unforgettable experiences and the plethora of overblown or overhyped luxury tourist traps.  Don’t book your Spain luxury cultural adventure trip until you talk to us.”    To request a call from a siesta-free Spanish travel expert in Spain, click here.

Dan’s Ideal Iberia Day: After some exercise and good coffee, Dan enjoys checking in with our team around Iberia and with customers. After work, he loves fun active family activities with his lovely Spanish wife and their bilingual son or for a delicious meal ideally al fresco. Dan enjoys new experiences in ancient places of beauty, very short metabolic workouts, reading, and health science and bio-hacking innovations. He loves to dine with friends or family. This become more low-carb in recent years after a A1C test but that’s easy in Spain and always delicious!  Other favorites are hilltop medieval villages,  timeless trails,  innovative luxury hotels, fine wines, outstanding olive oils, history, and reading (but not at the same time).

Ariel Harris

Business Partner

Ariel’s Ideal Iberia Day: After a good coffee, light breakfast, and taking care of business, Ariel enjoys getting outside … This might be a surfing or sailing excursion in Northern Spain or a hike to visit winemaker friends in the Rias Baixas or Rioja wine region. Then he enjoys the best available regional meal and for special days, maybe a live Spanish guitar performance.       >>> To request a call from a Spain expert, click here.

Ariel is the son of an American military man with northern Spanish roots and an Italian American mother… Ariel has lived and traveled in Spain & Italy for over 30 years. His Iberia friends include artists, chefs, musicians, hoteliers, and impresarios. Among Ariel’s favorite Iberia places are Seville, Madrid, Rioja, Segovia, Lisbon, Porto, Algarve + Andalusia’s charms like Ronda, especially the EVO extra-virgin olive oil. Ariel enjoys vino from emerging wine regions like the Bierzo, Rueda, Toro, and Portugal’s Duero Valley + Rioja Reservas. Ariel spits time between Europe and the USA.

Rachel Harris

Senior Travel Specialist

Rachel’s worldview combines working hard + enjoying life with family and friends whenever possible. She grew up in a family of “foodies” so traveling for her was often in search of a perfect meal. Then in the 1980s, she studied abroad in Spain and her host family were great cooks and loved to travel. They showed her the BIG difference between ”tourist trap Spain” vs. the top local places of savvy Spaniards. Born in Europe to an American father and Italian mother, she is Ariel’s sister.

Travel memories: exploring Maine on the hunt for the best lobster and blueberries, to discovering the best Pho and cuisine in Thailand and Vietnam. Another trip included the finest grass-fed organic beef and wines in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She currently lives outside of Madrid and always looks forward to weekend escapes to stay on top of new hotels and renovations all over Spain! Rachel also stays active daily with a mix of yoga, spinning, walking, and kettlebells.

Rachel’s Ideal Iberia Day: Morning yoga with great people in a beautiful place, great music with friends or family, cooking, and enjoying a memorable al fresco dinner with interesting company. She loves savvy conversation, humor, and discovering meaningful new experiences, people, and places to share with others.

>>> To request a call from a Spain expert, click here.


Iberia Cultural & Luxury Hotel Specialist

For this Spanish native, Morocco,  Scandinavia, Chile, California, and Turkey are a few of the places this athletic Barcelona native and former English teacher has visited. Inés enjoys modern and classic art, design, theater, nature hikes, tapas, and her grandmother’s exquisite seafood paella. She spent a year in Dublin and another in California and speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, and a bit of Japanese.

Inés assist with cultural fun, food & wine things, special projects, and events. Scuba diving, yoga, and mountain biking are sports she enjoys. Inés likes films of the Cohen brothers, Woody Allen, Almodovar, and Vim Venders as well as the music of Tom Waits, Diego Cigala, Marlango, B.B. King, and El Barrio among others.

Ideal Iberia Day: Exploring fresh food markets on weekends with amigos in Porto, Seville, Madrid, or Lisbon on foot, before a relaxed restaurant meal with a view and cool ambiance. She also loves watching the sunset any day after work with great red wine and artisan cheese of Spain.

 >>>  To request a call from a Spain expert, click here.


Iberia Luxury  Travel Specialist  + Fine Wine Taster

After working in Ireland to develop her English, she began to help us with event planning and reviewing luxury hotels. This vivacious and stylish Española has family roots in Andalucia but grew up further north near the border with Portugal and between the Roman capital of western Hispania and Templar knights castles. Nuria enjoys the Mediterranean lifestyle, European capitals, traditional festivals, La Liga, wine and cheese tastings, country walks, and flamenco dance to name a few things.

Nuria loves creating unique special events like destination weddings so our guest experiences the best of Spanish music culture, tapas cuisine, wine, and people and enjoys putting her special stylish touches on everything. She also arranges Sevillana dance lessons for our guests, make’s one of the best Tortilla Españolas in the universe, and is a big fan of Spain’s gourmet Jamon Iberico de Bellota.

Ideal Iberia Day: After playing with her energetic young Spanish American son, Nuria might enjoy a brisk walk ideally between Andalucia’s whitewashed hill towns (Los Pueblos Blancos) and later getting a bit fashionable to enjoy a tasty Mediterranean seafood meal with family or friends. She also enjoys traveling all over Europe. In Spain, she loves Caceres, Madrid, La Rioja, Ribera del Duero. Next up, is the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Top Local Guides to Spain:

Insider Secrets, UNESCO Sites, Culture, History, Sport, Active / Wellness, Food & Wine, Sailing, Music, Dance & More

A confession…. since 1998, we have KISSED many frogs to find the top Spain experiences + top local specialist guides. Truth is we hate boring tours where the guide just drones on with endless dates and no interaction nor real communication nor connection with you.

You see, we believe our upscale travelers deserve the best. That amigos means more than knowing the history or culture… it is about a can-do attitude, heart, good communication skills, clear English and LOVING people.

Suffice it to say that MANY did not make our A team.  Generally, our select guides are fascinating people, world travelers, curious, well-read, and with a diverse set of interests. All love to share their favorite corners and tables in Spain with our select world travelers like you perhaps?

Ideal Iberia Day: Wow so many unique Spain experiences you might choose from VIP walking tour, architecture and art of Madrid,  helicopter touring of Barcelona or Lisbon, private cycling tours of Sevilla or Granada or excursions to walk ancient trails, Roman archeology, Mediterranean sailing or even visit a medieval monastery…. where monks are chanting.  To finish the day a celebration over a delicious dinner of gourmet regional specialties and a bit of world-class vino…. maybe try an Albarino, Douro, Priorat, Ribera del Duero, or Rioja Spanish or Portuguese wines. 

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