“They say half of life is showing up… but in Spain that can leave you missing out on key experiences

and result in a mediocre vacation of tourist traps and frustration…

That’s why we hired the experts of MagicalSpain”

– Kathy Peyton – Dallas, TX

Peyton Family

Welcome to 2021!

We believe after the stress of the last year that you DESERVE to celebrate with your favorite people by

enjoying a tailor-made 2021 private tour of Spain or Portugal.

Studies show enjoying memorable experiences with your fav people is what you’ll most cherish in the future.

Our Healthy, Comfortable Private 2021 Tours of Spain or Portugal that are NOT for everybody.


But in 2021 if YOU want more space, comfort, service & peace of mind

+ you are into some of these: great food, action & intrigue,

culture & art, medieval castles & villages, urban luxury, European capitals or a blend of all of this we can make it happen in 2021 in style.

So in 2021 consider the passions of your entourage of friends or family and peruse our collection of private trips. We are also happy to customize or create a totally new insider adventure. Remember that we only run 5 trips/week to offer better customer care. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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To really experience the best of Spain’s passion, charm and people….. you need more than Expedia or Kayak and a regurgitated travel guide book….

You’ll need a savvy local amigo or…. an expertly planned private adventure tailored to your wants and needs and scheduled to get the most from your time.

Truth is….. our exclusive Spain luxury tours are NOT for everybody, but if you desire comfort, security and service + the authentic best of Spain or Portugal, read on.

Many  Americans work hard 50 weeks/ year to earn 2 weeks vacation and settle for being packed like sardines on a cruise OR…. wandering on a DIY vacation with a travel guide book, hoping not to miss the best stuff while worrying about logistics & language problems.  If you deserve better, we can help ;->

See testimonials, video reviews, our team and our unique Spain & Portugal trips and customized tours.


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What can you expect from a Magical Spain Private 2021 Family, Honeymoon or Romantic trip?

Privileged access to our collection of 'Insider`` experiences.

Rewarding private adventures for Americans who deserve more than mass market.

Peace of Mind as upscale private adventure in Europe is an investment that should deliver

Connection with the essence of the destination and memories that strengthen our bonds with our favorite people.

See testimonials, video reviews of Magical Spain’s personalized service and trips and customized tours.

So remember that just showing up in southern Europe without a good plan and without speaking the language means you are risking a half baked vacation heavy in tourist traps and low on authentic insider experiences.

Hope to welcome you and your entourage personally here in sunny historic and beautiful Spain or Portugal.

…. If  You Deserve More than Mass Market, planning stress  &  tourist traps.

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