“In 1998, there was no social media, I hosted my our private tour from Madrid, Spain while working as a teacher and at a Iñaki’s tapas bar. My group were foodies, friends of friends from New Orleans. I still remember the smiles and satisfaction of connecting them to the authentic Spain, one I had been introduced to by my Spanish friends. This is one that is mostly not found in travel guide books, one that 99.9% of tourist will never experience…”

Dan O’Beirne, Co-Founder & Partner

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Now you can connect with us via social media but our private tours are still very personlized and low tech. It’s about helping upscale travelers experience great food & wines, timeless traditions, medieval castles and modern art, Mediterranean charm, luxury hotels, helicopters, yachts and great hospitality with USA style customer care and sans the manaña mentality frustrations. Truth is if you have lived here for years, speak Spanish well, love to explore, eat, read and make friends, it’s a fantastic job to have and we are blessed. In 2012, to keep our quality high, we will again be accepting just 3 private groups per week for our ultra- insider private tours. Nos vemos en España!