“The best of both worlds. Expert knowledge of the country and country-side. Location Experts indeed! Translations in perfect English. You made the process much less of a process”

Marcus Ruckman

Spain Trips in Barcelona by Magical Spain

When purchasing property in Spain we would like to offer our services and knowledge of Spain.

We have local knowledge and personal connections to many of the industries in Spain.

Contact us today to discuss your trip and what you would like to see.

Travel Consultation for travel in Spain and Portugal

Magical Spain offers expert consulting in the areas of Spain travel and tourism. If you are considering a trip to Spain you may want to consider that Spain has one of the lowest English speaking populations of the mediterranean.

Also consider that guide books and state side travel agents may not be able to give you enough information to create your own itinerary as to get the most from your travel in Spain.

Portugal Tour by Magical Spain
Best of Portugal Tours by Magical Spain

For a minimal fee Magical Spain’s expert guides and travel directors aid you in creating the perfect itinerary for your trip. With a consultation you can provide the details of what you would like to do and Magical Spain’s travel directors can create an itinerary for you and suggest places to stay as well as modes of transportation. This will allow you you to get the most of your Spain trip without the headache of language barriers and collecting information that may be out of date.

Magical Spain’s travel directors have in depth knowledge of the attractions, land marks and cultural events in Spain and are happy to provide an itinerary that will keep you on vacation and not frustrated and wondering where your day went.

If you decide to take one of Magical Spain’s VIP trips the fee for the custom itinerary is waived when the trip is paid in full.

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Landscape of Private Spain Tours by Magical Spain

Spain Real Estate Services:

With almost 2 decades of traveling Spain and Portugal we know the lay of the land and it’s regions, climates, traditions and just about anything you want to know when researching property in Spain. If you are interested in purchasing property and need a location specialist or local translator and guide we would be more than happy to help. Please contact us today.

Spain Location Services:

Movie, commercial or event location services available. Please contact us today.

Spain Internet Marketing, Video Production and SEO:

Internet marketing, video production and SEO services. Please contact us today.

Learn Spanish in Spain:

No better place to learn Spanish than Spain and has the least amount of spoken English to keep you focused. You could not want a more beautiful place to learn the Spanish language .Please contact us today.

Spain Cooking Classes & Spanish Wine Reviews:

  • Spanish wine export consultant
  • Spanish olive oil export consultant
  • Spanish gourmet export consulting:
    Spanish cheeses, Spanish saffron, etc.