“By far the most fun and memorable trip ever for our group of 3 couples. On our private Spain adventure, we loved the sunset wine & cheese tasting’s, the medieval villages, that flamenco dance & paella lesson with the family. In 9 days we did so many things we will never forget. Amazing to disconnect with no logistics worries”

Victoria & Harry R., San Francisco, CA

Secrets of Spain Tourism by Magical Spain

As Americans we get it, time is the new money.  You probably go harder and accomplish more than most people. This can make it difficult, even with 24/7 Facebook  to really stay well connected with friends and family because nothing substitutes real face time. So this is why we believe you deserve a unique reward. Of course a new luxury car or a Prada spree could be fun.

But for most people, a tailor-made Spain vacation adventure shared with loved ones in style is a more poignant and personal reward. It is a chance to experience cultural fun and adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Magical Spain, Making it Happen Without Uncertainty

That´s where our “Top Secret” N.S.A. network comes in…. because to experience the authentic best experiences of Europe, you best have someone on the ground who knows the language and how to get things done despite cultural differences. Believe me the Mediterranean Europe is an amazing place to live the moment, but the economic and cruise ship surprises are no surprise.  Most companies do not talk about this but we prefer to be very up front. Part of the joie de vivre of Spain, Portugal and Italy, the siestas, fiestas and “unique concept ” of time and planning can be frustrating if you go it alone.

Since your free time is so valuable we love helping.

Food & Wine Spain Tour

So of course some folks in Spain, Portugal and Italy are on the ball and quality oriented…. but you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find them. So we call this insider´s network our N.S.A or No Siesta Amigos.  These appreciated amigos include winemakers, flamenco dancers, yacht captains, luxury chauffeurs, tour guides, art historians, restaurant owners, chefs, hotel managers, artist, artisans, business owners, university teachers, musicians, filmmakers and even a few honest politicians.

This network is why we can offer indulgent insider adventures for folks who deserve more than mass market travel or wasting time on their own. These savvy contacts and inside insight benefits and rewards out deserving clients.

This is why with our indulging insider adventures, you enjoy the moments and we take careof the rest. Since S11 we have seen that over 70% of our custom Spain trips have been reunions of friends or  family.

Spain Secrets by Magical Spain

As Spain travel pros and residents since 1998, we have insider connections that most American travel companies would die for. This allows us to design the itinerary around your preferences from foodie fun, to active fun, arts & culture or whatever. This means you can experience & enjoy more Spain in less time with no logistics or language hassles.