“We wanted to do a quickie Barcelona visit to avoid crowds & tourist traps. We really enjoyed the medieval towns, guides & Dali…your personal planning & restaurants made it memorable and stress free…Gracias!”

– Mikala & Darren S. & amigos,
Seattle, WA

Despite some overcrowding Barcelona offers unique architecture, hustle & bustle if you do not mind the lines and the plethora of fast food outlets now replacing local shops &cafes. Our customers often enjoy discovering the Catalan region, to experience more authentic medieval towns and natural beauty of the Costa Brava. Of course like the rest of Spain, expect diverse options: Roman and Greek ruins, great food and wine, fine art, water sports and cooking classes.

Best of Costa Brava, Spain Tourism by Magical Spain

Spain’s second largest city awaits with old world charm:

Alternatively, Barcelona also combines well with southern Spain´s Andalucia which includes Seville & Granada, the Basque Country or Madrid and Extremadura.

Among the enriching options on your private custom Barcelona and Beyond adventure are:

Explore. With our guides experience more of Barcelona, Tarragona, Gerona & Costa Brava.

Eat. Escape Barcelona´s crowds in Gerona plus a meal to remember made by our favorite Chef, Joan.

Discover. Learn how to make an authentic Spanish meal of Paella after a private wine tasting.

Sail. Explore the beautiful Mediterranean Costa Brava with our experienced skipper and his crew.

Activate. Mediterranean sea kayaking, yoga, helicopter touring.

Learn. Savvy insight of our friendly guides and insider contacts.

Walk. Walk historic trails between historic vistas.

Sip. Taste the Priorat wines or Catalan cava bubbly while the sunset makes the ancient stone villages glow.

Savor. Enjoy cooking demo & meal with a local Chef.

Admire. Discover the iconic paintings and eclectic sculptures of Dali in his one-of-a-kind museum.

Combine: Barcelona mixes well with southern Spain´s Andalucia which includes Seville & Granada, the Basque Country or central Spain's Madrid and Extremadura.

Luxury Vacation Spain Wine & Food Tour by Magical Spain

Get in touch to check availability as we run just 3 custom trips per week. We limit ourselves instead of contracting out like most companies do. This means we truly give our customers the memorable vacation adventures they not only are paying for but also the caring personal service that can be hard to find here in festive Spain.

Another way to describe this Barcelona and Beyond adventure in Catalunya (Cataluña):

“Imagine admiring Pyrénées  peeks looming on the horizon separating Spain and France. Below down in the valley volcanic flats stretch out ahead, leading to unbelievably fertile pastoral fields where sheep graze as they have for thousands of years. Along the way stand villages developed by the hands of Roman and medieval craftsmen. The local dialect and traces of the thriving Catalan culture—a fusion of the region plus French and Spanish— appear everywhere. A fine dinner a local specialties paired with a perfect Priorat or Monsant wine awaits. 

Tomorrow medieval trail walking or sea kayaking. Later perhaps discover the surreal art of Dalí, a mustachioed Spaniard whose art made clocks melt like a ice cream cone in July. Yes, this region could be a small country, if they had not selected the losing side in various wars over the centuries. In any case that makes the Catalan cultural and historic preservation movements try harder it seems. The old “Us vs Them” tactic has been around for along time also :>
Welcome to northeast Spain’s charming Catalonia.”      

Private Tours Spain from Barcelona by Magical Spain

– Richard Harris, Managing Partner,  MagicalSpain.com