“Thanks, Rachel, Dan & team for an amazing Camino de Santiago trip!…. We loved the “birthday surprise fiesta” with the horseback riding for our daughter’s birthday!  And the living history, food, wines and flexibility to walk as much or as little as we desired. While some of us took the van transfer ahead a few times for R & R and a massage or two, no one missed dinner or dessert. Unlike the cruises, we lost weight & feel GREAT instead of bloated LOL… We will return to do southern Spain with you as this was impeccable… stress-free, custom planned & supported 24/7 by the Magical Spain bilingual team.

Our guide, Xavier was amazing, super-caring and fun. Thanks!”

– Janet & Michael C.,    San Diego, CA

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Experience Timeless Traditions, Medieval Marvels & Natural Beauty…

Don’t miss your opportunity for a healthy, culturally enriching & unforgettable

Camino de Santiago Spain Private Tour in 2021 or 2022! 

Our private Camino de Santiago adventures are 100% customized to fit your needs. You might fly into Madrid, then begin a bit closer to Santiago in the scenic city of Leon, Spain
after a transfer from Madrid. In the footsteps of these countless medieval pilgrims, you can experience Europe´s premier historic pilgrimage trail. The Camino de Santiago began and was also recorded in detail by medieval monks in the Codex Calixtinus. Active branches of the Camino de Santiago connect all the way to southern Germany and beyond!

While walking expect to see unforgettable scenic countryside trails, medieval towns, forest tracks and farmer’s fields. With full van support, fine dinners and deluxe hotels we don’t believe in suffering but you can feel the emotion and connection of one of the Christian world’s epic pilgrimages.

Don’t miss this opportunity for a healthy, culturally rich Camino de Santiago Spain Private Tour in 2021 or 2022!

In recent years pilgrims from over 62 countries have earned the Camino de Santiago certificate of completion.

Don’t worry, there is a plethora of amazing foods and wines from this fertile area. As foodies, we ensure you get “refueled” in delicious style!

The UNESCO-listed Camino de Santiago origins take us back to the year 812 in the middle ages with news that the lost tomb of the apostle Saint James (Sant Iago) had been discovered in NW Spain. The news spread and the pilgrims began to arrive, first to a small shrine. Many donations and a few centuries later, the dramatic medieval Cathedral de Santiago was completed, now at the center of the medieval old town of Santiago de Compostella, also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. For your Camino de Santiago Spain Private Tour contact us today as the best hotels and A-team guides are in short supply.

Highlights of our Camino de Santiago private adventure:

Walk. In the footsteps of medieval pilgrims on some the most beautiful footpaths of Galicia.

Discover. Exploring traditional stone farming villages where time seems to move at different pace.

Comfort. You are well looked after with a support van to carry your bags while you walk with your guide.

Earn. Santiago de Compostela certificate but walking at least the last 100km (about 62 miles).

Connect. Hundreds of people are on the trail during the season, we saw Martin Sheen recently.

Emotions. On arrival pilgrims enter the dramatic Cathedral of Santiago sometime in tears.

Experience. Great food & wine at dinner after a day trail walking and a fine regional picnic.

Enjoy. Top hotels await our customers along the way. We love the Parador de Santiago.

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Availability for top hotels & A-team guide is LIMITED for your private Camino de Santiago. This journey can combine with southern Spain´s exotic and sunny Andalucia region which includes Seville, Cordoba, Flamenco, Tapas & Granada, or Madrid or rustic, escape the tourist paths into lesser known natural gems like Extremadura.

Or consider a few days in Portugal or in northern Spain’s foodie gems like the Basque Country & San Sebastian or wine regions like Bierzo, Rias Baixas or even the Ribera del Duero, Toro, Rueda or Rioja.

To give our valued discerning customers more peace of mind & service while they are traveling with us, we accept just 5 private trip departures per week in Spain.   We only collaborate with a few of the top hotels & guides in Iberia.

Experience the tradition, beauty and heritage of Europe’s most famous walking pilgrimage trail, the Camino de Santiago awaits you in 2022.

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