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To create this kind of custom private Spain adventure, we like to know as much as possible. Here’s a great example from recent customers with names and private details omitted 🙂

Dear Dan & Rachel,

First trip as family together for us – 2 parents  +  3 diverse kids – ages 21,18,17. want it to me a very memorable and incredible trip. We prefer a private custom luxury Spain family tour that is tailor made for us in June 2020. This might be our only time in Spain as a family and want to be all is done right.

 We want to start out journey in Barcelona and then two other cities depending on your recommendations. Madrid, Seville and Granada look fascinating.

 My husband is an architect so he definitely wants to experience the breathtaking architecture while visiting and also wants to see some of Calatrava’s bridges and designs.  

We also are a big soccer family as I had mentioned so catching a game and maybe a stadium tour too would be welcoming.  

We love great food and wine and music and of course the girls and I some great shopping finds. 

We love cultural Spain private vacation trips that aren’t super touristy and that we can really get a feel for local living while being safe and secure.  We don’t enjoy and large group tours or long bus ride tours etc.  

We want to see as much as we can efficiently and then have some family down time to explore on our own with some assistance and great recommendation from someone like you.  

We have never visited Spain before and we really want to make it an incredibly memorable private family tour of Spain experience. 

As far as accommodations, since we are a family of five, we would consider staying at a luxury hotels or apartment rental as long as its up to our standards like a 4 to 5 star hotel and in a safe and wonderful neighborhood.  We would need 2-3 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms please. 

Please let me know what you think.