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Discover why Andalucia is Spain’s most popular region on this five-day guided tour itinerary.

From the Romans to the Moors, Andalucia’s beauty, climate, lifestyle, and historic heritage have been a coveted prize for thousands of years and varied civilizations. Unforgettable Seville, Granada, Ronda & Córdoba await.

From the world`s largest olive groves, the exotic beauty of the Alhambra or Alcazar, to medieval hill towns, our private Andalucia tour delivers beauty, discovery, and cultural fun without travel stress.

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We are extremely proud that the Institute for Spanish Tourism has granted our team the “Safe Tourism Certified” seal of approval. In addition to the security and peace of mind this provides to our clients, we have extended our cancellation policy to entitle guests to a full refund if they are forced to cancel their tour anywhere up to 7 days before the start date. Find out more here.

5 Day Custom Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Cordoba Driver Guided Tour

Spain Trip to Cordoba by Magical Spain
Cordoba Old Town, Spain

Enjoy the Moorish, Roman & Jewish heritage of Córdoba, once the richest city in Europe. On our private guided tour, discover the best of this UNESCO-listed old town including the Roman bridge, once crossed by Julius Caesar, the Mezquita. Now a Cathedral, originally the Mezquita was among the largest medieval mosques and still includes over 800 hand-cut columns, some from Roman times. 

Nearby your guide will help you navigate charming maze-like tiny winding streets of the old town of Córdoba. Master artist Julio Romero Torres is from Córdoba and there is a fine museum here full of his dramatic regional paintings often of beautiful women. Maybe that is how he is said to have influenced Picasso, who was born 3 hours south on the Mediterranean coast in Málaga. They met through Picasso’s father apparently.

Day 2: Stunning Seville

Seville, Spain

Beautiful 2000-year-old Seville is one of Europe’s most unique and beautiful river cities.  With our savvy, caring guides you enjoy more, your way in Seville, also known as Sevilla. 

Experience the towering, artful Giralda Tower, the quaint Santa Cruz district, and King Fernando’s fortress in one of the most architecturally beautiful and historic cities in Spain. 

Moreover, Seville is the center of tapas cuisine, flamboyant flamenco guitar & dance, and colonial history in the gorgeous and colorful cobbled streets of the old town and the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral. 

The essence of Spain’s unique lifestyle awaits you with our fun expert guides on an insider’s walking tour and tasty tapas tasting. There are so many experiences you will want to explore with your guide such as enjoying a Flamenco guitar & dance show, meeting a local painter, a fun Seville-style cooking demo, or the mysteries of Columbus. Let our itinerary planners fill your days and evenings here with terrific ideas from the minds of local specialists by requesting a complimentary customized version of this itinerary.

Best of Spain & Portugal

“I urge everyone who values unforgettable vacations to contact Magical Spain and talk to Dan or Rachel.

Beyond the personalized planning and fine 24-7 tour support, we loved the quality and care of the licensed guides, the delicious tapas, the exotic ambiance of Seville and Granada, Madrid’s majesty and art, medieval Toledo, and meeting the olive oil estate owners, artist, chef & winemaker.”

R. Mathews, wife & friends (Northern Virginia)


Day 3: Medieval Hill towns of Andalucia

Los Pueblos Blancos, Spain

Visit Andalucia’s white medieval hilltowns, Los Pueblos Blancos, once created by the Moors to defend against Christian Kings and knights from Northern Spain. Now home to cliffside castles and heart-rendering gorgeous cascading cliffside towns, olive oil mills, and vineyards. You’ll soon understand why this was Hemingway’s favorite town.

You cannot say you have truly sampled Andalucia without a guided experience detailing the centuries of cultural clashes and a legendary cast of characters brought to life for you as you cast your eyes over awe-inspiring scenery and iconic locations on a country trail walk, savor flower pot-lined-lanes and the slower pace of ancestral life. 

Enjoy postcard-picture perfect villages Grazalema, Zahara, or even Arcos de la Frontera. You may wish to hike a mountain trail with our guide, taste fine wines and mountain cheeses with winemakers, or discover an olive oil mill. 

Enjoy guided old town exploration to noble palaces, Roman ruins, medieval Moorish baths or an optional fun country walk to an enigmatic religious shrine.  Do not miss one of the best sunset views of your life!

Day 4: Touring Malaga by the Sea

Aerial view of malaga with port, town hall and cathedral
Malaga, Spain

A revitalized yet ancient coastal city, founded by the Phoenicians, & conquered by Romans and Arabs, Málaga is set against the Mediterranean Sea and forested mountains of southern Spain. 

Naturally, given its harbor location, Malaga is famous for its excellent fresh fish and seafood. Your private guide can take you on a food market, tapas, and wine experience to ensure you are sampling the finest and freshest available produce. 

Between meals, you can enjoy a Roman amphitheater and above it up the steep hill, is Málaga’s Alcazaba, a palatial Arab fortress built in the 11th century by the Moors.

Furthermore, although perhaps more synonymous with Barcelona, did you know that Picasso was actually born in Malaga? Discover more about one of Malaga’s most famous sons, and indeed, one of the world’s most renowned artists on a guided tour of the grand Picasso museum just a short walk from the bay.

Day 5: Granada & The Alhambra

private luxury tour travel Spain
Alhambra, Spain

Explore Granada, the last medieval Moorish capital.… You could almost think of it as the “Moor’s Alamo” except their King Boabdil negotiated a surrender that allowed him to depart with treasures leaving his people behind. 

Highlights include the incredible vistas from the hilltops of the Albaizin (reminiscent of Morroco’s souks) the old Moorish quarter of Granada. However, the biggest attraction is the Alhambra, a Moorish castle, palace, and gardens. This is Europe’s 2nd most visited monument and best discovered with a top local guide on a private tour. This means you can avoid the hustle and rush of a large group tour and instead truly delve into the mysticism and wondrous tales housed within the Alhambra’s walls, as your guide summons to life all the historical intrigue and tales of Royal grandeur and furious battles they so eagerly communicate. 

Later perhaps an exotic meal or tea and desserts in a Moorish style restaurant or fine dining and wine tastings with an unforgettable view of the Alhambra would be a perfect way to round off your 5-day tour of Andalucia.

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“Thanks for the great work during our Spanish Food and Wine Adventure…. you guys really know your stuff and are great guides & hosts! We’ll be back for northern Spain in the future!”

The Marshall Clan (Dallas, TX)


As residents of Spain for 15 plus years, Magical Spain has an unrivaled network of contacts and street-level Spain insider expertise that bigger corporate companies do not have time for. This means you, as our customers, benefit as your trips are customized and infused with our savvy and insiders insight into the best of Spain on and off the beaten path.

Extend your luxury Andalucia private chauffeured trip to include Mediterranean Málaga, or Northern Spain’s fine food & wine Basque Country and La Rioja, the top Spanish wine region.

Or go next door to tantalizing Portugal’s amazing Algarve, Alentejo, Porto, and of course, luscious Lisbon. For your complimentary tour itinerary submit the contact form below.

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At the heart of Magical Spain lies my two passions in life, travel, and family. After working in the Health and Wellness sector back home in the U.S, my desire to travel led me to Spain where I met my beautiful wife-to-be, and where we now live with our young son. As our relationship blossomed, so did my love for the country, cultures, and people here. It was only natural then that Nuria and I should work together to create Magical Spain as a platform to share this passion and insight into Spain with our American clients.

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