Beyond the memorable luxury villas of Spain, this historic land is blessed with a sunny Mediterranean climate, rich culture, fine food, wines, cheeses & olive oils, natural beauty and the most festive friendly people of Europe. Our collection of Spanish villas begin in the popular and beautiful regions of Andalucia, in southern Spain, and Catalonia in NE Spain. Our other luxury villas in Spain are on Spanish Mediterranean islands of Majorca and Menorca where beautiful beaches compete with dramatic mountains for attention.

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Spain is a Mediterranean crossroads of cultures with 6 centuries in the Roman empire, later taken by the Arabs and finally liberated by Queen Isabel & King Fernando. It was this victory that paved the way for Colombus, who did not yet have luxury Spanish villa, to explore the Atlantic and “discover” the New World.

This led to a huge amount of new additions to European cuisine that you can enjoy today in your Spanish luxury villa vacation like tomatoes, green peppers and coffee. Spain remains a treasure-trove of arts and culture: the art of Picasso, Velazquez and Goya for starters. But also the passion of flamenco dance, live music, history, architecture, literature, sport, fiestas and the festive ritual of tapas! The authentic exuberance of Spaniards is legendary.

As is the glorious sunny Mediterranean predictability of the summer weather ensures your Spain luxury villa vacation is unforgettable. That is why we have hand-picked among Spanish luxury villas in Andalucia, Catalonia, Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca. Also, do not miss our insider’s selection of Spanish villas with pools. But note they often are reserved quickly as Spain is VERY popular for vacations from Germany, Russia, the UK, Japan and more and more from the USA.

Andalucia (Southern Spain) is a diverse region. The natural beauty and sunshine induce many to indulge in some trail walking, horseback riding, yoga, mountain biking or of course, swimming. Expect varying traditions and terrains from the Sierra Morena Mountains in the North of Andalucia, to the Sierra Nevada in the South, The latter roll toward the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea of Spain. Most of this southern portion fits within the Andalucian countryside.

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Beyond the luxury villas of Andalucia, this region is home to three of Spain’s most famous attractions – the beautiful and unique city of Seville, Cordoba and Granada with the remarkable Alhambra in Granada. The city of Malaga is now MUCH improved after a 100 million renovation including a new luxury port to go with the fine Picasso museum, Moorish Alcazaba fortress and Roman theater along with Michelin-starred dining and celebrity chefs that are friends of the MagicalSpain team.

So what about the villas we can offer?….. with our luxury villas in Andalucia offer you can perhaps feel the buzz of the Spanish fiestas in villages, + you will love the festive tapas bars and medieval monuments. Known also for pretty “pueblos blancos”(whitewashed hilltowns) which are often draped over steep hillsides. Other benefits include 3000+ hours of sun and 25+ first-class golf course. All this makes it great for a luxury villa holiday, with diverse options for all the family. A bit more on the food of southern Spain, you can enjoy while at your luxury villa in Andalucia which goes beyond the famous tapas.

We can arrange chefs and the freshest Mediterranean fish and seafood, cooking demos with al fresco saffron-infused paellas, a selection of fine Spanish wines from the Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Rias Biaxas, Priorat and the other 40+ wine regions of Spain. For history-minded we can arrange culturally significant dishes including Sephardic Jewish, Moorish and Roman dishes. No doubt, you and yours can enjoy yourself with our insider’s insight: traditional food markets, top restaurants and, of course with our chef cooking for you in the kitchen of your deluxe Spanish villa.

In NE Spain, our luxury villas in Catalonia, are set in this uniquely original region influenced by France, Spain and Italy. Catalonia faces out to the Mediterranean Sea, with Pyrenees mountains to the north. Busting Barcelona has a passion for style, football and food. Expect one-of-a-kind, (almost bizarre to some) architecture particularly work of Guadi like the Sagrada Familia. North up the coast is Figueres, homeland of the outrageous art of Dali and his very unique museum from a converted theater. Dali alway liked attention and if alive would love to host a week-long house party in one of our Spain luxury villas in Catalonia!

Spains Med islands, the Balearic Islands are in the middle of the Mediterranean, had many influences including the Greeks, Moors and even fought off Viking raiders.

The largest island Majorca or Mallorca, combines a rugged interior — perfect for exploring by horse or bike — with fine beaches and coves. Palma, the stylish capital is quite a city: Expect tons of boutiques, art galleries, an impressive Gothic Cathedral, vistas of hundreds of yachts in the harbor. Despite her small size, Ibiza, beyond the huge summer disco club scene with paparazzi has a number of World Heritage sites along with gleaming waters and fine beaches.

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 Luxury villas of Spain in Andalucia, Catalonia and Mallorca