Portugal Multi-Day Itineraries

Understanding how to fit in everything you want to experience in your Portugal vacation can be difficult for even experienced travel planners never mind for our guests! That’s why we have tried to provide some inspiration for you with our multi-day itineraries of Portugal below.

From the vibrant capital of Lisbon, beaches of the Algarve, authentic villages in Monsanto, vineyards and wine estates of the Rio Douro Valley, and much more, see what we have planned for you on our 7, 10, 12, 14 & 16-day tours of Portugal.

Our itineraries can all be tailored to suit your exact tastes at no extra cost, so if you would like to discuss anything contained in our multi-day tours, simply contact our team to discuss it with us.

Lisbon castle overlooking the city.
Evora cobbled alley in Portugal

Popular Portugal Itineraries

Below we have examples of tour itineraries of Portugal that previous guests have enjoyed. Whether you want to see the best of Portugal in a week or explore more cities at a leisurely pace on a longer tour over two weeks or sixteen-day, our itineraries provide all the inspiration you need!

These tours were designed as introductions to the major cultural, historical and gastronomic experiences to be found in Portugal, however, should you prefer a more focussed or tailored approach we can design totally custom itineraries for your vacation.

A couple enjoying a private tour.

Combining Portugal & Spain In One Itinerary

Do you want to combine the best of both Spain and Portugal in one magical itinerary?

Our luxury vacation itineraries provide all the inspiration and recommendations you need for a fantastic experience.

Complete our contact form letting us know when you will be in Iberia, and an idea of what sites you would like to visit, and we will get started crafting your custom Portugal and Spain itinerary.

Step 1

Fill out the form with the destinations, wish-list, & personal preferences for your perfect trip. If you would like your tour planner to offer some inspiration, then we are happy to provide a suggested itinerary which we can then refine with you until you are 100% delighted with it.

Step 2

Soon after receiving your request, your personal tour planner will be in touch to begin planning your custom tour. You will then receive a tailor-made tour itinerary which can be revised an unlimited number of times to ensure total satisfaction and the perfect vacation.

Step 3

Your officially licensed private guide will meet you at the pre-arranged starting point of your tour. You can count on us for 24/7 in-country support and everything else necessary for a wonderful vacation and seamless tour experience. Welcome to Iberia!

Contact Our Magical Itinerary Crafting Specialists

Whether you would like us to tailor one of our existing itineraries or would prefer a fully customized experience, our itinerary team has been hand-crafting tours for over twenty years.

Request your complimentary tour itinerary by completing our online inquiry form below.

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