Imagine this vacation fantasy….  private luxury travel to Spain and Portugal

Our unique blend of Spain or Portugal´s unique signature experiences means you can savor an authentic cultural adventure to remember. We handcraft once-in-a-lifetime private luxury tours, ideal to share with your favorite people, family or friends. Enjoy a rewarding private luxury tour of Iberia…. your way!

Spanish Tourism by Magical Spain

Private Luxury Travel to Spain and Portugal

Savor the best of Iberia on a private luxury tour of Spain and Portugal. You deserve more & enjoy privileged access to a myriad of experiences…Spain and Portugal are united by a passion for food, family, country and enjoying the good life. We make it easy for discerning Americans to enjoy the best of Iberia in style, their way with customized luxury private tours of Portugal & Spain.

Whether exploring extensive Medieval castles, fine foods, festivals, art or ancient trails between historic villages, vineyards and olive groves, or the Moorish heritage & tapas cuisine in Spain, you deserve to go beyond mass-market luxury travel. With Magical Spain you get all the luxury comfort you desire, and all the signature cultural and active experiences you have dreamed of. You can even discover excellent Roman ruins with our historian amigos.

Connect with winemakers, artist + chefs, Mediterranean + medieval ambiance… sport +walking, fine food & wine, medieval villages + top guides, castles + cathedrals, gardens + sunny islands…

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Experience Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, La Rioja, Picasso + paella, Lisbon + Porto , Flamenco + Fado, exotic Andalucia & Moorish architecture, olive groves + high tech, ancient tradition, cooking classes, helicopters+ surfing, gourmet cheeses + fine wines or driving classic collector cars…

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This is a premium private travel package for those who want to experience the best of Spain or Portugal luxury cultural travel, without sacrificing comfort, security or service. Rates from 5497 euro per person per week.

NOTE: Unlike other companies who sell first & contract out later” we personally work with you to create a unique itinerary. Due to heavy demand on our custom travel planners & customer service team, we accept just FIVE private trips per week.







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