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Arranging your Balearic islands vacation with Magical Spain ensures you will enjoy the benefits of our 20 years of experience and intimate local knowledge of events, activities, and off the beaten track or VIP adventures available in the sun-kissed islands. 

Whether you wish to visit just one of Mallorca, Menorca, or Ibiza, or if you want to combine them in one island hopping tour we can provide the ultimate itinerary and guided tour experience for you. 

Contact us for a complimentary Mediterranean Balearic Islands tour itinerary or continue reading to discover the timeless natural beauty of jagged mountain cliffs that fall to the turquoise sea, sweet-smelling citrus orchards, medieval villages, Gothic churches, baroque palaces, traditional fishing villages, secluded coves, vineyards and fine seafood on offer here.

Where Are Spain's Mediterranean Islands?

The Mediterranean islands of Spain, collectively called the Balearic Islands are, like Iberia itself, quite diverse. They are located to the east of Valencia between Spain and Italy, the four chief Balearic islands maintain a character distinct from the rest of Spain and from each other.

Why You Should Visit Mallorca

Le Seu Cathedral, Mallorca, Spain
Le Seu Cathedral, Mallorca, Spain

The largest of the Balearic islands, Mallorca (Majorca in the UK) offers a bit of everything including dramatic coastlines, historic and urban charms of the capital city of Palma, a lush countryside with vineyards, beautiful orange and olive tree terraced hills, medieval villages, and trails that arrive at the sea.

Since our tour specialists know Mallorca so well we can provide you with luxury and VIP experiences on the island not readily available to others. Activities such as sailing to hidden coves to enjoy a picnic or scuba diving from your chartered private yacht with your own skipper and crew can readily be arranged by our team. 

Then there is Mallorca´s quite beautiful mountains near the coast, the Sierra de Tramuntana. This is now listed as a World Heritage Site in part due to the amazing fruit-producing terraced gardens that have been in place for centuries. There are amazing hiking trails also. Deia is one of the finest towns of Mallorca and offers amazing views and ambiance in a compact area. Of course, there are Med beaches, nautical sports, and coves.

Exploring Coves, Snorkeling, & San Antonio in Ibiza

Visit Ibiza, Spain on your Balearic Islands Tour.
Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is often associated with hedonistic characters and wealthy bohemians. But to their credit, the locals remain determinedly blasé about the try-harder-fashionistas or celebrities who may crash upon their shores. Our tour experiences of the island also shun this side of things and instead revel in the historic old town and the sights and sounds of San Antonio on the Northcentral coast.

The first ‘must-see’ is the UNESCO-listed Dalt Vila, an exotic souk-like walled historic town. If you are interested in exploring beautiful coves then Ibiza has some of the most stunning to be found not only in the Balearics but in all the Mediterranean islands. Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, and Cala Salada are some of the island’s most beautiful examples, just a few kilometers from San Antonio.

San Antonio itself has an attractive marina that is perfect for a stroll, browsing the nearby shops and restaurants, or even doing water sports such as stand-up paddle surfing or scuba diving.

San Antonio is also enjoying a budding reputation as a wine region and a private tasting session on the island while the sun sets is the perfect way to round off your Ibiza tour. We would recommend Bodega Can Rich vineyard and winery.

Best of Menorca & Formentera Balearic Islands

The 2nd largest Balearic island, Menorca is the least developed of the Balearics. So it’s mostly a rural island with fields and rolling hills filling out the interior. But the charming old town of Ciutadella offers amazing old mansions and lanes for a historic-minded walk. 

So yes, Menorca is much more than beaches and nature, there are prehistoric monuments that show evidence of a sophisticated culture. Mysterious talayots rock mounds are often thought to have been watchtowers but this is not yet resolved. 

Then there are the 4 meter-high megalithic taulas, huge stones topped with another to form a T. These are unique to Menorca and again another mystery as to the origin. These huge stones have no clear function (to 21st-century eyes at least). These Menocar megalithic stones are found alongside talayots in many cases. 

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The very Spanish theme of contrast of the modern and the historic is evident here over and over: cosmopolitan restaurants, trendy bars, historic character hotels sit alongside the Stone Age ruins, artist and artisans, orange, lemon, almond, and olive groves. All this and more is yours without stress on your 100% personalized Spain trip.

Simply let us know which island or islands you are interested in and our Mediterranean island specialists will begin crafting your totally complimentary custom tour itinerary to be delivered to your email.

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