Southern Spain’s Andalucia: Seville, Granada , Cordoba, Tapas, Castles + Flamenco

We are often asked what is the perfect tour of Spain. Truth is that it depends on your interest, time of year and goals. For starters Spain has a plethora of diverse regions; from the green rainy Celtic northwest to her Mediterranean islands like Mallorca and Menorca or the exotic region of Andalucia, where Moorish architecture, tapas and flamenco are king from Seville to Granada. Here are some ideas for touring Andalucia like flamenco dance, tapas, Moorish castles & villages, Seville, Granada and Cordoba like this unique southern Spain tour for active foodies.

Southern Spain’s Andalucia, which alone is larger than a number of European countries offers a singular cultural melting pot for the discerning American traveler. As a Mediterranean crossroads, Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Arabs have all left their cultural marks here.

Maybe this is why Andalucia is the passionate purveyor of so many quintessential Spanish experiences: exotically beautiful Moorish architecture, fiery flamenco dance and guitar (the guitar itself was invented here), tasty tapas, serious siestas and sashaying stylish long-lashed ladies remain deeply ingrained in this Mediterranean land. Tapas are also a big part of the lifestyle in Andalucia as you can see in our Spain tapas video.

Deeply traditional, well rested and almost ready to seize the 21st century world, Andalucians always enjoy the present as you never know what tomorrow brings. Few visitors to their carpe diemesque land fail to get caught up in the fun. Do be ready to speak Spanish though as all of these fiestas of Andalucia seem to have slowed down the advance of English.

Along with all this history, contemporary Andalucia has a cosmopolitan and fashionable side appreciated by young fashionistas such as hip boutiques, stylish restaurants, tapas bars and nightlife. Away from the cities, Andalucia is a land of contrast. Snowcapped mountains and ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada, near Granada, are the highest on the mainland of Spain. In fact, one can ski in the morning and have a late Mediterranean seaside lunch the same day all great reasons to join a small group Spain tour.

Along with mountains, the world’s largest olive groves roll up and down hillsides like a large silvery green table cloth. Over 250 vineyards provide some nice red wines that contrast with the white-washed hilltop villages. These villages are often surrounded by huge national parks except in the Almeria region, a small desert where film director Sergio Leon shot many of the famous “Spaghetti Westerns” with a young Clint Eastwood.

The fiestas of Andalucia are the most colorful, hedonistic and noisiest. The spring festivals “ferias” of Seville, Cordoba and Jerez can appear to be movie sets. This is due to all of the elaborate costumes, elegant horses and beautiful people. The Holy Week (Easter) processions are pomp, penance, pageantry and passion in motion. Imagine up to 3500 hooded brothers walking (some barefoot) carrying candles, crosses and 2 ton floats with extremely valuable medieval Madonnas.

The beaches and Mediterranean resorts are very popular for Europeans but not so much for Americans who are used to the whiter sand of Florida, the Caribbean or Mexico. This is why many American traveler find their home beaches more attractive but there are many other attractions. In any case spring and early summer and fall are ideal times to visit the beaches of Andalucia, Spain.

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