Spain Travel Problems & Solutions

Surprisingly to most Americans, over 57 million travelers choose Spain each year, which is comparable to the stats of Italy, France or even the USA. Of course, all destinations offer upsides and downsides and travel in Spain is no exception. Most European luxury travel companies avoid mentioning the travel problems,but in this short post we expose the obstacles so you can be in-the-know.

At its best, Spain offers a world-class upside: fantastic historic & natural beauty, unique healthy active, foodie and artistic experiences a rich vibrant Mediterranean culture, friendly locals, UNESCO World Heritage attraction, fine hotels, incredible art & architecture and excellent food & wine (IF you know where to go).

But a well-planned trip is needed to manage Spain’s downsides and avoid frustration and wasted time. These problems have prevented Spain from being more successful historically despite many natural advantages….. (again things most travel companies do not mention but we prefer you know the truth).

4 Typical Travel Problems in Spain:

  • Poor English = Poor Planning: The level of spoken English is the lowest in Europe = frustration
  • Siesta-Service: While improving, the siesta, nepotism & mañana mentality = wasted time.
  • Tourist Traps: Prey on tourist ignorance, charging more for mediocre food or made-in-China souvenirs (both very typical in Barcelona for cruise ship passengers).
  • Large size = Wasted time: Spain is nearly the biggest country of western Europe

So there you have it…. the problems with travel in Spain. These must be managed well for best vacation results and to get the most from your dollars. Solution for busy successful Americans?…. Why risk your hard-earned vacation time with “Do It Yourself” vacation planning? Get professional help like you do with other areas of life. Magical Spain has been catering to Americans visiting Spain with the best possible results. Our knowledge of the local culture and command of the local language as well as English allows us to provide superior results for your Sapin vacation, trip or tour.

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American-style service since we are American and understand Americans. Experience cooking, art, wine, olive oil, castles, music, photography, Roman mosaics or dance. Eat at top restaurants and places only locals frequent for authentic cuisine and most tour services do not include that are off the beaten path. Meeting select locals from chefs, government officials, art historians, teachers and bullfighters. A personal experience with Spain that will create lasting memories of your visit to Spain.


Healthy Active Spain Vacation Options:

Walking, hiking, sailing, cycling, yoga, fitness training, weight loss & specialized nutrition & diets. Luxury Travel with tailor-made tours that go beyond guidebooks.

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