Vacation in Spain and Loss Weight? Certainly.

After a long cold winter hibernating, many long for a a weight loss vacation trip escape to Spain or Italy. BUT many want to lose some fat and get in shape so they look and feel their best. Why not combine the two with a healthy active private tour so you learn and experience a real Mediterranean eating lifestyle?

Our active Spain tours can be a great choice to help you return home after vacation in better shape. This is opposite of the weight gain most get from cruise ship and unhealthy buffet gorging.

So how can we do this? At, our founder Dan OBeirne worked in medical weight loss for many years with various hospitals in the USA as well as leading weight loss seminars and personal fitness training. Dan in a honors graduate with a B.Sc. Health & Human Science and has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Wellness Specialist. partner Ariel Harris is also a lifelong health and fitness advocate and has completed numerous 100km bike rides and tri and biathlons. Click here for more info.

So we combine our health and fitness expertise and lifestyle as we offer ultra personalized travel in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Since we have also been into healthy Mediterranean eating and active living for decades, we can help you learn about a healthy eating and active lifestyle. Lifestyle is VITAL as drastic weight loss and crazy diets do not work.

Fad diets and crash weight loss result in rebound weight gain as you will hurt your metabolism. But for many the problem is also implementation. Many have never been around a healthy active lifestyle, which is why our active healthy Spain tours can be a great choice with lasting results. When you book a Spain luxury tour vacation also gives you a big concrete deadline to begin your weight loss and vacation. Something to look forward to not something to dread.

With over 15 years experience in Spain we can tailor your Spain trip your exact needs and desired. You get the insiders best of Spain, top guides, select hotels, walks, food, wine and fun, USA-style 24/7 service in clear English.

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