“… it was nice to see and in fact meet the local artisans and quality-oriented merchants that are benefited by MagicalSpain giving them business instead of the bigger cheaper chains.“

– P. Harrison, Boston, MA


We believe in supporting the local artisans and quality oriented small businesses when ever possible because they make the destinations of Spain, Italy and Portugal richer, more unique and more fascinating. These people are also fighting a tough battle to maintain many age old traditions. Also we are foodies who enjoy art and artisan products and they have the best stuff. These artisans and small businesses, like our own in the USA, fight an uphill
battle against huge chains with low cost products. We are proud to support them.

Give Back:

We believe that it´s important to try to make a positive contribution to the local communities whenever possible. This is why we favor locally owned businesses over chains as long as the quality is very good. Actually the quality is usually better in a family run restaurant than a chain tourist trap. This also means we can offer contact with local artisans, artist, charity groups and more. Also we contribute to Toys for Tots in the USA, Alzheimer foundation and UNICEF in Spain. We also can arrange visits to Children´s Hospitals or other organizations.

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