Philosophy & Story

 philosophy of Magical Spain Private Travel

Many customers since 1998, asked about the origin and philosophy of Magical Spain Private Travel….

It started in Madrid, picked by King Felipe II as his new capitol in the 1560s, replacing the smaller ancient walled city of Toledo.  To enjoy a warm Spanish summer´s night, the historic old town beckoned. Soon the table and a vintage Rioja Reserva at one of Madrid´s top tapas restaurants were ready.

It was one of many memorable dinners of a new Americano foodie expat arrival to Spain. After collaborating with other travel and tour companies in Spain and leading many tours for friends it was time to celebrate.

Over 2 hours later in old Madrid, the 11 friends walked with MagicalSpain founder Dan O´Beirne via tiny old town lanes of cobblestone and wrought iron balconies, some back to the Palace Hotel near the Spanish Congress. It was during this gourmet tapas and Rioja vino dinner, sharing travel tales and vacation war stories that the genesis of Magical Spain Travel began.

sobrevolando-alhambra-helicoptero_122497829_4485215_1706x1280The philosophy and emotional reason was this…   to offer a solution to the common sense of frustration with mass market tourism, tourist traps and the frustration with hassles and wasted time and risk of missing out of going it alone. To solve that problem for busy, discerning travelers and offer them peace of mind and access to a better way to experience Iberia, Magical Spain was born.

As Americans we get it, QUALITY TIME with family or friends is the new money.


You probably work harder, have more responsibility and get more done …

But all this work can make it difficult, even with the newest iPhone and non-stop social media to keep up with family and friends. Truth is even with all of our communication devices, FaceTime, FaceBook Live, Skype and Instagram and other cool apps,  NOTHING beat real life face time…..quality time.  So this is the key and shared vacations abroad, designed with something for everyone, are an ideal way to make and share emotive memories and emotional bonds that have lasting IMPACT.

Part of the joie de vivre of Spain and the unique concept of time,  la siesta, las fiestas ect…  That is why planning complex travel can be frustrating if you go it alone.

Truth is, travel logistics problems can arise when planning a DIY trip to a foreign country….  the complex planning, the many, many options, the lack of time, the logistics fits, and endless online opinions from people with very different criteria than yours can lead to overwhelm, worry, stress and frustration.  As your vacation time is so valuable, this makes the risk greater if things do not go well.

This amigos is why we believe that YOU deserve a vacation with your favorite people.  A vacation adventure of a lifetime, A vacation that is your unique reward. A vacation of authentic EXPERIENCES…

This creates those stories that will be cherished and fondly remembered even after a funeral. That amigos is our goal, to create and support meaningful vacations made to fit your interest, vacations  to remember for decades.


Of course buying a new luxury car or a luxury shopping spree could be fun, but that emotion is fleeting. Take a second and recall your top vacation memories of your life….  Now do the same with your luxury purchases.

Which memories  have a bigger charge for you?….. For most people it is the vacation memories, especially when they did something new, fun and positive for the first time in a cool place and more so when shared with family or friends.

That is why we do what we do at Magical Spain Private Travel…   We know our “hand-made” Spain adventure tours, shared with loved ones in style, are a more poignant and personal reward. It is a chance to experience real Spanish or Portuguese heritage and cultural fun  that give birth to new UNFORGETTABLE memories….memories that will last a lifetime, and maybe beyond 🙂


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PS    Of course when you are young and are backpacking around Europe, time is often not a problem.
But once people begin to work and become busier and busier then the problems start.  The opportunity cost with limited vacation time becomes much greater.

Magical Spain,…  Adventures of a Lifetime with Peace of Mind

You work long and hard for years. Your vacation time and quality time with loved ones is so valuable. We love helping ensure that your trip works like clockwork, even in a culture that often does not.