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Romantic Spain & Portgal Luxury Travel & Honeymoons.

Unleash the romantic passion of Spain or Portugal’s medieval and modern charms and culinary delights on your tailor-made romantic Spain or Portugal luxury tour or honeymoon. Our expert trip planners make your dreams a reality you’ll never forget.

Explore Vibrant Cities & Enchanting Villages: Stroll along flower-lined streets in charming villages and feel the vibrant energy of Seville, Madrid, Lisbon, and Granada, each boasting UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Indulge in Wine Country Delights: Discover the picturesque vineyards of the Rioja or Duero Valley, where world-class wines await your tasting.

Exclusive and Personalized Experiences: With only five trips per week and dedicated 24/7 service, you’ll enjoy exclusivity and personalized itineraries crafted just for you.

Unveil Known & Hidden Gems with Expert Guides: Let our knowledgeable guides unveil hidden secrets and off-the-beaten-path treasures, enriching your romantic escapade.

Pamper Yourself in Luxury Accommodations: Rejuvenate in luxurious five-star hotels, ensuring the ultimate in comfort and pampering during your romantic getaway.

Create Unforgettable Memories: Your romantic journey through Spain and Portugal will be a symphony of unforgettable memories, cherished for decades to come.

Contact us to check availability because we only run 5 tours per week in each country. Review our itineraries below, or contact us now to discuss your romantic dream trip of a lifetime.

Romantic Spain Luxury Itinerary Ideas

Spain is a mosaic of timeless traditions, surreal architecture, Mediterranean festivity and world famous cuisine, perfect for your Spanish honeymoon or romantic getaway. Imagine strolling hand in hand through medieval palaces and vibrant local markets, or feeling the passionate flamenco guitar vibes under the stars. With its sun-kissed villages and majestic mountains hikes, la bella España offers diverse charms. Spain is not just a destination; it’s where your love story may enter a magical dimension. Contact us to discuss your dream trip with a Magical expert.

Roman Bridge Of Cordova


Romantic Spain Private Luxury Tour (10 Days)

​​Embark on a romantic journey through the vibrant heart of romantic on your Spain Private Luxury Tour (10 Days)

View Through An Open Window With Shutters Of The Sandy Beach, Rocky Coastline And Whitewashed Town Of Calella De Palafrugell, Spain, On The Costa Brava Coast As The Sun Sets.


12 Days of Luxury Honeymoon in Spain

An exclusive honeymoon journey through Spain awaits you, an experience seamlessly blending luxury and the picturesque charm.

Romantic Portugal Luxury Itineraries

Dive into passionate Portugal, a country where love intertwines with seductive landscapes, fine food & culture perfect for VIP honeymoons or romantic couple getaways. Imagine wandering the charming streets of the wine capital, Porto, exploring the majesty of the Douro Valley, or being captivated by lovely Lisbon’s 7 hills and castles. Your romantic adventure is enhanced with private drivers, exclusive experiences, meticulously crafted itineraries, luxury 5-star hotels, expert guides, and dinner reservations. Contact us to discuss your dream trip with a Magical expert. Portugal is not just a destination; it’s the perfect backdrop to pen your next chapter of love.

Lisbon Private Luxury Travel


12 Days Exclusive Romantic Tour in Portugal

Embark on a captivating journey through the charming landscapes and rich culture of Portugal, with exclusive experiences.

Young Woman Tourist Enjoying Beautiful View Of Porto City And Famous Dom Luis I Bridge At Sunset. Summer Holiday Vacation In North Portugal.


Luxury Portugal Honeymoon Adventure, Tailor-Made to Remember

Get ready for an exclusive, romantic Portugal honeymoon of a lifetime! Your luxe trip is expert planned and supported 24-7.

Romantic Luxury Spain & Portugal Itineraries

Embark on a private romantic adventure filled with the passion and tradition of Spain & Portugal. Imagine uncovering the Moorish mysteries hidden behind the walls of exotic Granada’s Alhambra, reliving love stories in the enchanted palaces of Sintra, or toasting at sunset as you glide along the Med Coast or Douro river on a traditional rabelo boat. Our experts will advise you on unique experiences tailored to your desires, perfect for honeymoons or romantic couples getaways. With private drivers and 24-7 concierge, your trip flows seamlessly. Spain and Portugal won’t just remain in your memories; they’ll become unforgettable chapters of your love story. Contact us to discuss your dream trip with a Magical expert.

Istock Sintra


10 Days Exclusive Romantic Private Tour in Portugal & Spain

Embark on a romantic and exclusive 10-day journey through Portugal and Spain, where each day is an unforgettable experience.

Castillo Portugal


14 Days of Exclusive Honeymoon in Portugal & Spain

Embark on a romantic 14-day honeymoon in Portugal and Spain, a dream journey from picturesque Porto to vibrant Barcelona.

Love is in the air

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Custom Itineraries for a Luxury, Romantic Couple’s Trips and Iberia Honeymoons

We believe life is short to miss out on this chance to experience the romantic vacation of a lifetime. That’s why you deserve your dream trip to be truly personalized & seamlessly planned, your way. That’s why we have our “Only 5 Tours per Week Promise”… to offer more quality for our customers.

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