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Dr. Bob Engler, M.D.

Dr Bob, a respected West Coast Cardiologists and inventor, often traveled with a group of old friends who had a diverse number of interest. They wanted enjoyed a custom-made private luxury, food and wine adventure across Spain and Portugal. But due to the long distances, as Spain alone is 1.7X the size of Italy, we suggested a custom private Spain food and wine tour, to allow for some unstructured time.

After a few itinerary iterations we came up with an amazing trip plan to include known UNESCO sites, top wineries and a few hidden gems along the way that Dan had discovered. The trip began in majestic Madrid and then went west to the rustic Extremadura region, and then north to Salamanca and the Ribera del Duero. After a few days there it was on to Spain’s top wine region, La Rioja, then Bilbao, San Sebastian and finishing in Barcelona.

Customer Review

John, Attorney

An American attorney, John, wanted a trip to captivate his two children and his wife. Of course they all have diverse interests. So we had a video call and asked about the likes and dislikes of each person and then went to the drawing board and sent a couple of different iterations of an itinerary with Southern Spain’s Andalucia and Barcelona,until they were happy.

Unique activities included hilltop villages, a historic olive oil mill tasting, UNESCO sites like the Alhambra and Seville. All of this with 24/7 concierge service and expert planning ensure it was seamlessly orchestrated without any stress for the customers.

Customer Review

Gabe, Consultant

Gabe, a successful business consultant, tasked us with crafting a romantic, luxury, cultural adventure to entrall his wife. Her lifelong passion was horses. As the Spanish Andalusian horses are cherished worldwide by horse aficionados, we went to work to see what kind of
Unique, once in a lifetime trip we could create.

We also included the magical, romantic medieval villages and ancient cities of Seville, Córdoba and Granada. Magical memories of a lifetime were the result and that’s what we want for everyone including you!

Customer Review

John Bemiss

John and his friends are united by a love of classic collectible cars, food and wine. They love to travel yearly to enjoy beautiful destinations and share in unique cultural tours and food and wine experiences. We created a 12 day private journey that hit all the bases.

It is, according to John himself, a trip they still remember fondly as we worked hard to meet and when possible to exceed their expectations along with providing seamless logistics to ensure a max level of enjoyment without hurry nor worry for them.