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Testimonial from Dr Bob Engler
M.D. and Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Diego CA

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Testimonial from John Bemiss
Russo & Steele Classic Cars, Monterey, CA & Phoenix, AZ

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Couple from California

Reviews from Our Travel Customers

“A+. We wanted to learn more about Spain than we would have on our own, and that’s exactly what we got… culturally relevant information which made later parts of the trip better on our own. Glad we saw Magical Spain in the Rick Steves guide book.”

Jennifer Duffy

Seattle, WA

“Travelling to all the way to Spain and not experiencing a MagicalSPAIN tour is like buying a Mercedes with plastic seats!”

Tony & Mary M.

Miami, FL

“We couldn’t be happier – it was a perfect Destination Wedding, one that we will always remember. You and your staff were great to work with, trustworthy, knowledgeable about the area, responsive, and sensitive to our needs and desires.”

Kolby & Patty

Boston, MA

“A quick note from London to say ‘thank you’ for a unforgetable 7 day guided trip – I think we experienced a lot more than expected as a result of your preparations & great guide work.”

Helen Powell


“Spain was truly made magical and exciting for us with insight in placing the wonderful sights in their historical and cultural context. The private tour of Andalucia were quite memorable. Looking forward to Portugal or maybe Northern Spain’s wine treasures!”

Paul E. Galvez

New York City

“Our private Spain guided trip was superb and stress-free, thanks for the customization. We loved the Seville and Granada walking tours, but also the historic hilltowns, medieval castles, wine tasting with the winemaker, tapas on the plazas, flamenco guitar…great insight and memories!”

R. Fergerson

New York City, NY

“Thanks to the meticulous preparation, contacts, and knowledge of Magical Spain, our trip was sculpted to fit our most personal interests….it was both fun and educational for our two children. Dan and Rachel know more people than a Washington fundraiser and was fantastic, truly our private Spain tour was a vacation our family will cherish forever.”

Mark Rosenthal

Los Angeles, CA

“Outstanding, seamless planning with a very personalized itinerary executed perfectly. In Spain, we felt like VIPs as we met the winemakers in La Rioja and Ribera del Duero, the chefs, the village mayor and flamenco dancer in Sevilla! The unique experiences and memories beat that of 4 or 5 cruises. We will be back to do Andalucia or Portugal in a few years.”

Scott & Kisha McCann

New York City

“Want a valuable travel tip from a world traveler? Let America’s Spain experts handle it, you’ll enjoy the fun 100% more. We loved the peace of mind that all was taken care off + blend of active, food and cultural experiences + no language problems. Kudos on your dream team of local guides!”

Wayne & Joan Kingsley

Portland, OR

“Not cheap but worth every penny! Thanks for making our tour fun, discrete and insightful…Now, where can I get tapas, olive oils and paella like that in America?”

Jerry Seinfeld

Los Angeles, CA

Wow, what a treat! Mercedes is an incredible guide. As I reviewed some Rick Steves videos, I noticed that your guides Jesús, and Mercedes featured in them! …thankful for your excellent planning and the 24/7 support by Inma and Mercedes! Thanks again and we hope to return to do Andalucia and or Portugal soon!

Anne & Sean K.

New York City

“I urge everyone who values unforgettable vacations to contact Magical Spain and talk to Dan or Rachel. Beyond the personalized planning and fine 24-7 tour support, we loved the quality and care of the licensed guides, the delicious tapas, the exotic ambiance of Seville and Granada, Madrid’s majesty and art, medieval Toledo, and meeting the olive oil estate owners, artist, chef & winemaker.”

R. Mathews


“If you want to just pack your bags and show up to enjoy your vacation without worry or stress but still enjoying amazing, cultural experiences (not just sitting on a beach) then we suggest you talk to Dan about the possibilities based on your interest.”

John & Stephanie M.

Dallas, TX

“After indulging on a private luxury Magical Spain trip, we’ll do a luxury Portugal tour with them next year. Why? Your team made it easy, seamless planning private guides, insider contacts, experts, drivers, artist & foodies made it unforgettable + stories and bragging rights galore.”

Ashley & Steven B.

Los Angeles, CA