Pickleball Luxury Travel for Private Groups in Spain

Pickleball, Golf, Padel and Tennis Luxury Private Events in Sunny Southern Spain’s Andalucia

Padel, pickleball, tennis and golf are played at a high level in Spain and are among the most popular sports in the world, and southern Spain sun-kissed Andalucia is a great place to enjoy them. This Mediterranean region has a warm climate year-round, UNESCO World Heritage Cultural sites, friendly locals, safe streets and many beautiful places to play padel, pickleball and tennis.

Pickleball, padel. golf, and tennis are games that can be immensely enjoyable, but they can also be quite vexing, especially if one begins playing them as an adult. Many aspect of these sports is fraught with technical challenges, and there is so much that can go wrong. This is why if you are serious about improving your game (and standing at your local club) it is very helpful to work with an excellent coach, especially if one does not want to fall into frustration.

Ideally, one should travel and find a highly qualified coach who works in a sunny climate with high quality facilities. It helps to have other attractions to keep one’s children and loved ones occupied while thr athletes are perfecting their backhand slice, serve, or fairway drive. With a group of your peers you will enjoy this training and touring even more and make magical memories to last a lifetime

Different groups have different needs. As such you will be well served by our expertly tailor-made padel, pickleball, and tennis events with luxury, private cultural tourism options, This can also include private lessons, group lessons, tournaments, socials, and incentive events for businesses.

We also have a variety of premium locations to choose from, including indoor and outdoor courts and golf instruction on to Spanish golf courses.

Premium Tailor Made Services:

  • Seamless planning and stress-free execution
  • Meet and greet service at Malaga or Seville airports
  • Assistance with transportation to and from events
  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Socials
  • Rental of pickleball, padel, golf or tennis gear
  • Transportation to and from events
  • Incentive events for businesses
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Fine dining
  • Private cultural tours
  • Fun, creative active & cultural team-building activities

Locations in southern Spain include Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Granada and Huelva.


Our prices vary depending on how magical you want your tailor-made padel, pickleball, tennis or golf event to be! So we suggest a free, no-obligation consult via email and or video call. Please share your vision for your dream event. Who will the participants be? What are their main interest, competitive level in their sport the type of event, the number of people, the duration of the event, the level of luxury accommodations and cultural tours you choose, and the level of customization you require. Please contact us for more info.

Of course, businesses and groups of friends may be looking for different things when it comes to their padel, pickleball, golf or tennis events. That’s why we offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a competitive tournament or a relaxed social event, we can help you create the perfect experience.

We also offer expertly planned incentive events in English for European businesses. These creative, high-quality, fun events are a great way to reward your employees, boost morale, and promote team building. We can create a custom private deluxe event that fits your goals.

We can also help you arrange luxury accommodations and private cultural tours to complement your sporting event. We have a wide range of hotels to choose from, including boutique hotels, historic hotels, and beachfront resorts. We can also arrange private tours of the region’s many historical and cultural attractions.

Experience the best of Southern Spain’s Andalucia in style with our tailor-made private sports and cultural events for European or American visitors!

  • You benefit from seamless planning and stress-free execution.
  • You benefit from our meet and greet service at Malaga or Seville airports.
  • You benefit from our assistance with transportation to and from events.
  • You benefit from our luxury accommodations and fine dining.
  • You benefit from our private cultural tours and entertainment.
  • Book your padel, pickleball, golf or tennis event today and let us take care of the details!

Unlike others who sell all they can, we prefer quality to quantity. That is why our prices are never the lowest as top quality and the best facilities, human team members and expert planning and 24-7 support has a higher cost. As such we only accept a limited number of events per month so that we may guarantee the highest level of quality control and customer service.

Plan your luxury private trip today!

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