Made to Fit

For our busy, successful, discerning customers, quality time with family and friends is often in short supply. Research has shown that sharing new positive fun experiences with your favorite people can create stronger bonds and memories that last for a long time. This is why it is an honor and responsibility to truly create custom-made dream trips or a lifetime.

Unlike agencies that love to sell “cookie cutter” luxury trips, we LOVE personalization. We love that our customers are unique people with unique taste, styles, likes and dislikes. Yes this makes for more work to customize a trip that’s made to fit. But based on our customer reviews, repeat business and referral, we think it’s worth it.

How do we do this? To feel you’ve experienced an unforgettable Spain, Portugal, or Morocco private tour requires a personalized, trip made to fit your unique taste, pace and style. That’s why we create trips around your interests — from great food and wine, culture, history, art and/or active fun. It’s not about us; it’s about crafting a customized journey to fit your taste and your dates!

To do this, we ask questions and take time to learn what you enjoy and what you’d rather skip. Maybe dining in a small family-owned winery appeals more than another Cathedral. Do you prefer art and architecture more than medieval castles and Roman archaeology, or a blend of both? Do you prefer to mix in a few guided hikes in beautiful hikes or private costal sailing excursions to secluded Mediterranean coves? Whatever floats your boat, after 2 decades in luxury experiential travel in Europe, we have you covered.

That’s why we call this ‘Made to Fit’. Every trip is tailored for your tastes and schedule — crafted just for you. So let’s start planning your dream vacation today!