Historic fiction set in medieval Spain and Portugal anyone?…

This is a small sample to set the stage for one of the centers of our historic experimental novel project. The plot will blend the often opposing forces of ambition, loyalty, love, lust, opportunity, intrigue, jealousy, power, and redemption within a multicultural story as the struggle for dominance in medieval Spain and Portugal rages.

Alhambra Granada, andalucia luxury tour

The Mediterranean sun was like an orange ball burning a hole in an azure sky over this ancient land where humans have lived for millions of years…

For the many this moment of magnificence was a brief respite from their daily toils as the work day was winding down in Granada, a powerful city in southern Spain’s Al Andaluz. . At the heart of medieval Granada, on a hilltop surrounded by forest and gardens stands this Moorish masterpiece, the Alhambra, a testament to centuries of intricate craftsmanship and enduring beauty with elements that harken back to multiple Mediterranean civilizations of the past. The sunset seemed to many to be casting a reddish glow across the ancient stone walls.

As the evening settles in, the Alhambra emerges like a mirage from the verdant hills, its intricate arabesques, fountains, flowered gardens, swaying palm trees and ornate archways bathed in the soft light of dusk. Shadows dance along the walls, weaving tales of sultans and scholars, of conquests and cultures intertwined.

In the courtyard of the Generalife, the scent of jasmine hangs heavy in the air, mingling with the melodious strains of distant music. Fountain waters gurgle softly, echoing the whispered secrets of bygone eras, while the gentle rustle of palm fronds lends an air of serenity to the scene.

At the foot of the Alhambra, the city of Granada awakens to the evening’s embrace, its narrow streets alive with the chatter of locals and the tantalizing aromas of Andalusian cuisine. Lanterns flicker to life, casting a warm glow upon bustling plazas and hidden courtyards, where the spirit of Moorish Spain lingers in every corner.

Above it all, the Alhambra stands sentinel, a timeless symbol of beauty and resilience, its silhouette etched against the fading sky like a beacon of hope in a world ever-changing yet forever bound to its storied past. It was on an evening like this that this short story began in the 14th century…

On a balmy evening, the merchant’s daughter, Fatima, caught sight of the newcomer from Toledo, Rodrigo, astride his Spanish stallion, leading his entourage through the colossal gate beneath the ramparts. His presence, with its stoic demeanor and silent intensity, stirred a tumult within Fatima, a turmoil as dark and brooding as the shadows cast by the setting sun.

From her perch atop her family’s walled whitewashed home, Fatima observed as Rodrigo’s retinue navigated the labyrinthine streets of Granada, their passage marked by an air of somber determination that seemed to echo her own inner conflict. For Fatima, bound by the dictates of her father’s arranged betrothal to a wealthy merchant from Fez, Morocco, the arrival of Rodrigo ignited a flicker of rebellion amidst the desolate landscape of her heart.

Beneath the surface of her outward composure lay a maelstrom of turmoil and unrest, a tempest of conflicting desires and obligations that threatened to consume her whole. The promise of marriage loomed over Fatima like a specter, casting a pall of inevitability over her every thought and action, while the allure of Rodrigo whispered of freedom and passion untamed.

Meanwhile, in the depths of his own despair, Rodrigo grappled with a conflict of his own. Despite his devotion to his ailing wife and their three children in Toledo, the embers of passion had long since faded from his marriage, leaving behind a hollow shell of longing and regret. He yearned for something more, something elusive and intangible that danced just beyond his reach.

As Rodrigo’s entourage wound their way through the streets of Granada, the weight of his burdens bore down upon him like a millstone, dragging him ever deeper into the abyss of his own despair. Each step forward carried him further from the life he knew and closer to the unknown depths of his own desires.

Unbeknownst to either of them, fate had woven their destinies together, binding them inextricably to one another in a web of longing and desperation that stretched across the vast expanse of the Spanish countryside. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting its final rays of light across the desolate landscape, Fatima and Rodrigo found themselves standing at the precipice of a new beginning, poised on the edge of a darkness that threatened to consume them both….