How Much Is Your Vacation Time Worth to You?

The truth is in 2021 anybody can go online and (if you have lots of free time), “cobble together” an apparently amazing private vacation tour of Spain or almost any country at least at first glance. You can even spend a LOT of money to do so.

Listen if you tolerate risk well and are young and have decades more to travel maybe this is not a problem. When I was a 20 something travelling around half the world the adventure of solving problems daily was exciting for me (but less so for others).

But most of our customers are like us, busy people, with limited vacation time. They are 40 to 80 years of age and want to do and see things in many countries. So they might not be back to Spain or Portugal. They have limited time and energy and want things done right without stupid mistakes or missing out on unique opportunities

That’s one big reason they pay for expert professionals for their home, taxes, investments and unique, customized vacation experiences. So you see, they invest more for the peace of mind of avoiding problems and unpleasant surprises, tourist traps and mediocrity of mass-market travel. This is why our professional private travel planning and 24/7 support + access to unique experiences, people and places is worth it to many busy, upscale, world travelers we serve at Magical Spain & Portugal private travel.

4 Problems with DIY Luxury Travel in Spain or Portugal.

  • You don’t know what you don’t know... As of 2020, things change and fast. Our clients enjoy having the insider local knowledge of our savyy resident Spain and Portugal travel consultants, who live and travel in Iberia frequently so they avoid problems and risk.
  • Imagine you and your family or friends have a bad day on vacation. Maybe your hotel room has problems, or you get stuck with an dud of a guide or surly, smoking driver. This can be very frustrating and you’ll likely not be in a great mood. This makes it easy to not enjoy your day and maybe (if you are like most of us) have an argument with your significant other.
  • The supply of top-quality guides is limited and many of the top ones are not online as they are already super busy guiding. So you are risking a lot in terms possible planning problems, quality issues and insider knowledge.
  • If there is a problem along the way, like a late flight, lost belongings or missed train, who is going to resolve it and adjust the schedule of your transfer, private tour guide, meal reservations and hotels on the fly?

So how much is your vacation time worth?

If you enjoy math you might want to consider this scenario when you do a D.I.Y vacation in countries where things do not always go like clockwork and where good English is not always a given. So how many hours did you and your group of friends or family work last year to earn your vacation time?

Next consider the cost of a typical overseas vacation (vacation time, air, hotels, transport, meals etc.) by waking hours your group will spend on vacation time. Then subtract the time lost doing research & planning.

Then subtract the time lost on your vacation with language problems, “mañana mentality” service mentalities, logistics problems, transport stress, long lines, getting lost driving on vacation, lack of parking plus more parking tickets, ect…

How much time or energy did you waste on logistics and worry? How much did that affect the authenticity and satisfaction with your experience on your European vacation? After a go-go European road trip did you ever feel like you needed a vacation as you were often stressed? We have certainly felt that way many times which is why we offer the Magical Spain full-service private adventures. For those smart math brains that come up with an answer, let us know on Facebook. We will enter your name in a drawing for a case of good wine for your group to enjoy on your Spain trip with us.
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You Deserve More than Mass Market, with our private, custom, luxury adventures in Spain or Portugal.

Not planning stress  & no tourist traps.

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