Private Pickleball Vacation Tour of Spain & Portugal

Pickleball Vacation Tour of Spain & Portugal with Cultural & Cuisine Highlights

As you may know pickleball is one of the world’s most popular participative sports. In Spain and Portugal, two of Europe’s most popular destinations, we are seeing  more and more pickleball! Both countries have natural advantages for pickleball lovers like sunny weather, safe streets and world-class tourism attractions and modern infrastructure. This has led more folks to more request for custom pickleball vacations to Spain and Portugal.

In Portugal the pickleball scene is also showing notable growth centered in my experience around Lisbon and the Algarve down south.

 In Spain, I first saw pickleball taking off in the major cities like Barcelona and Madrid as well as regions like Southern Spain’s Andalusia where you have beautiful historic cities like Malaga and Seville.

Contact us if you’d like talk about a tailor-made Spain or Portugal pickleball vacation tour just for you and your private group of 4 to 24+ persons + private guided tours of cultural and historic highlights of Spain and/or Portugal.

The amazing sunny winters of Iberia allows for near year year-round play as well as lots of healthy active people of all ages. Pickleball people here tend to be kind and sociable. So they enjoy being out and about sharing fun times together playing pickleball and then enjoying the great bounty of excellent fresh food and wines, all at reasonable prices unless you want to go high end at a Michelin starred restaurant of course!

Not only did they want to play their favorite sport, pickleball in Spain or Portugal, But they also wanted to see and experience the unique cultural and historic highlights and maybe some of the natural beauty of these two sun-kissed, safe and beautiful countries

Over the last 5+ years, we have noted more request from pickleball enthusiast from the USA, Canada and worldwide who wanted to visit Spain that can include Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville and / or Portugal with Lisbon, Porto and the lovely coastal Algarve region.

That’s why we decided to see what we could offer to combine pickleball in Spain ad Portugal with cultural tourism. We are very excited that we have found some excellent options for pickleball lovers of all ages and all levels as long as you are fun and a good sport!

Contact us if you’d like talk about a private tailor-made pickleball vacation tour, just for your group of 4 to 24+ persons, with cultural and historic highlights of Spain and/or Portugal