Private Spain Family Tour Planning

So how do we plan private Spain family tours? There are a LOT of moving parts. But it starts with us asking questions. We do not just sell a “cookie cutter” trip. Instead, we listen to what lights you and yours up and anything you might want to avoid.

Maybe there’s multiple family interest, cool we can handle that. We often build trips that vary from food, to fine arts, active outdoor fun to architecture, natural beauty to natural organic wines. We have you covered 🙂 We want to really understand what elements & emotions, will be ideal to tailor-make your luxury Private Spain Family Tour.

We have had families with young kids, teens, grandparents on extended family vacations in Spain.

We customize the trips to make them a great fit for all taste and fun family Spain cultural, foodie or active adventures.  

 Private Spain Family Tour Planning: More info to personalize the proposal for early next week:

 * Let’s plan on arrival to Madrid is the plan but might arrive to Malaga or Seville:   TBC
 * Active, energetic, foodie family with 2 teens 14 & 15 years.
 *  IDEAS:  Bicycle tours, maybe 1 hike, maybe 1 flamenco dance class, private cooking class  +  tapas food tour?
 *  unique experiences that teens will remember  + some free time discovery
 *  teens might like a morning or two free to sleep late.
 *  Avoid repeating activities too much:   not many museums or churches
 *  Will travel for near 3 total weeks so will need to wash clothes
*   2 hotel rooms + maybe an apartment in Seville o with washing machine
 (I can handle the Seville Apt if desired)
*  Will need portable WIFI
* Love good food & wine but maybe no gourmet Michelin stars with kids?

 Please advise if we can help you with Private Spain Family Tour Planning in 2021 or 2022.