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Spain luxury trip travel planning

Our clients agree, we know Spain & Portugal better than other American agencies.  As Americans, we know Americans better than the Spanish or Portuguese travel, tour & event agencies. 

Imagine in 2021 just packing your bags and flying into Madrid or Barcelona, Spain or Lisbon, Portugal. We love to make our customers happy and your private Spain 2021 vacation trip of a lifetime will be one to remember for decades.  Our bilingual team in Spain does the “heavy lifting” planning your safe, private trip + 24 / 7 support.

Below See Our 2021 Travel Planning Process + Retainer Info.

1)  LIMITED 2021 AVAILABILITY. Most agencies sell unlimited tours. We prefer quality to quantity. So in 2021, we will only run 5 trips /week in festive Spain. Why you may ask?… Because happy customers is the best advertising and is much more enjoyable for all.  The caveat is it’s “first-reserved, first-served”.  On your trip with us, you’ll get flawless 24-7 support in English from our team in Spain or Portugal.  2021 and 2022 are now booking. => Enquire now.   

2)   ZOOM or SKYPE CALL  or  EMAIL consult to understand your unique dream trip and see if we are a good fit for success. Expect travel planning questions on your interest,  style + pace.  Consult with us.

3)  MYRIAD OF DETAILS?… NO WORRIES, WE ONLY ACCEPT 5 TRIPS per week and work with THE best providers. We have kissed many tourism frogs to find the valuable cream of the crop in Spain and Portugal.  The deductible retainer also means we focus our expert time and energy on serious customers, not tire kickers.  🙂  Start Planning.

4) The RETAINER is 100% DEDUCTIBLE. Working in Washington D.C., I learned the idea of “skin in the game”.  Because expert custom planning takes time and expert time is money the retainer fees are: For short, private trips up to 5 days, our retainer starts at 199€. On trips of 6+ days or 6+ persons, the retainer fee is from 349€. For late bookings, our fee starts at 799€ for short trips. The retainer is 100% deductible and credited to your final balance. It is not refundable if you cancel as it will partially cover our work. Fair enough?… .

     Experience the Soul of Iberia, Your Way in 2021!Spain Luxury Travel Planning

5)  2021 PREPARATION… We put our team to work, to craft a custom beta-itinerary. Custom Spain travel trip planning involves many expert hours, moving parts & many decisions for each day… We´ll refine it until you are happy and it fits like a glove. The payments are split into two parts for your convenience. Your first payment (post retainer) confirms your trip dates & arrangements. The 2nd final payment is due 40 days to arrival.  Contact Us.

6)  HEALTHY, PEACE of MIND   +  INSIDER ACCESS in 2021: From the moment you arrive in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Seville or Malaga, our multi-lingual team is just a phone call or email away.

This means reserving the time of top guides with both head, heart and tact, subject matter experts in art, architecture, antiques, wellness or sports. The safest drivers + based on your interest, artisans, chefs, winemakers and more, there are often 25+ busy professionals per trip.

You´ll get access to 24-7 support + the most unique and exclusive experiences + expert insight, expert planning and customer care on your private Magical Spain cultural, foodie or active adventure of a lifetime. Contact Us. 

7)   WE PLAN & SUPPORT 24-7, YOU ENJOY 2021 SAFELY…  Since all the Spain luxury trip travel planning has been handled, most people find they have more energy and time to ENJOY vacation. Let’s face it, DIY travel planning & logistics is hard work. Many say their private adventure flies by as they are enjoying so much novel fun experiences  Contact Us.

8)  FOLLOW  UP  & MEMORIES…  When you get home, we follow up with a few questions and any feedback. You will also get special conditions on future travel with us as a former customer in Spain in 2021 and beyond.

 LATE SPAIN TRAVEL BOOKINGS:  Spain luxury trip planning for late-booking travel are harder to plan and book due to limited availability. This makes late bookings more time-consuming for our expert team. That is why the retainer for late booking tours Spain trip starts at 999€ to plan a private luxury Spain vacation trip.

With our expert Spain luxury custom travel trip planning….  You’ll enjoy more, your way in 2021!

 Whether you love culture, cuisine, active or family fun or a mix, MagicalSpain trips are handcrafted to your unique style with top guides, drivers, luxury hotels, activities & fine food. We set the stage, you and yours enjoy the fun. Seamless Spain 2021 travel itinerary planning means no worry nor hurry. Don’t waste a meal or minute on tourist traps or impersonal agencies!  Next, see our Spain luxury trip planning process. Contact Us. 

So what unique Spain insider experiences can you enjoy access to?

best luxury private tours spain -

Well, there are many and it will depend on the time of year, availability and your preferences. To learn more now, don´t forget to grab our Magical Spain Top 20 Report at no charge.

Enjoy 24/7 support in clear English from our expert team while on your luxury Spain vacation tour… On your private trip with us, you will have a 24/7 contact via phone with one of our team personally assigned to your trip. On arrival in Spain, a chauffeured luxury car and driver will await you to zip you to your hotel. 

That’s why some call us the USA’s #1 Spain luxury travel & trip planning experts. 

Our private luxury Spain adventures deliver more memories of exclusive fun to last for decades.

Our private luxury Spain adventure

We set the stage, YOU enjoy the moments and memories in exclusive style. 

The early bird gets the worm.  2020 and 2021 are now booking. 

Let us make it easy for you with our Spain luxury trip travel planning. Contact Us. 

To seamless Spain luxury travel,   

Dan, Ari, Rachel & team

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