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Here is a sample with example of typical questions and emails. We work closely with you and often have 100+ emails on details with our customers so we really FINE TUNE our luxury adventure to fit your style and goals.

Our exclusive private Spain cultural tours and Portugal luxury adventure trips can vary in price depending on which hotels are available during what looks to be a BIG 2017 in Iberia tourism.

How it Works


In your case this looks to be a 12 day luxury chauffeured Spain and Portugal adventure

Again better for you to move sooner rather than later.

If you´d like us to schedule time to begin working on this next week,

the next step is the modest retainer.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,


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On 27 January 2017 at 18:20,  wrote:

Here are our thoughts on our Spain private cultural tour:  Our airfare to and from Spain has been taken care of so don’t include that in your quote.


6/15/2017 Madrid Arrive- we will tour Ateltico Madrid Stadium and Musuem
6/16/2017 Madrid Private Tour-Madrid
6/17/2017 Madrid Private Tour-Toledo
6/18/2017 Seville Train to Seville-Flamenco Show
6/19/2017 Seville Private Tour Seville Day  Tapas Tour Night
6/20/2017 Seville Private Tour Cordoba
6/21/2017 Granada Private Transfer with stop at Cortijo de Arenales w/ tour and lunch
then head to hotel and take private tour of Alhambra
6/22/2017 Barcelona Fly to Barcelona
6/23/2017 Barcelona Private tour of Barcelona
6/24/2017 Barcelona Private tour of Masia Can Viver Olive farm
6/25/2017 San Sebastian Fly to San Sebastian- Private tour of San Sebastian
6/26/2017 San Sebastian Private Tour San Juan De Gaztelugatxe with Private Wine Cellar Tour
6/27/2017 San Sebastian Any Suggegtions?? Or Free Day with Beach
6/28/2017 Leave  from San Sebastian Adios Spain!


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Subject: Re: Hi

As professionals time & expertise is valuable for all and look forward to helping

you go beyond mass market and beyond stress on vacation.


Please see next steps here & retainer fee info =>


Sorry to be slow here, we have a bit of backlog of paid customers waiting.




  On 26 January 2017 at 23:16,



Thank you for your email and please thank Dan for taking the time to try to reach me by phone.


I understand that you are not the lowest cost offer but I do want to confirm that when you cost idea that you do know that we have secured our international flight to and from Spain using miles.  Therefore that cost has been take care of on our end.  So basically we were looking for help with the tours and transfers while in Spain.


We obviously have done a lot of planning on our own but as you said, it does become frustrating, so we do have Hotel’s in place along the way but if you feel that you can service those needs better we would be happy to explore those options too.  All our reservations are fully cancelable.


You guys are the experts and you have seen my attempt at an itinerary so I would love to what you guys think we should be doing.

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Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 2:59 PM

Subject: Re: Hi Michael


Hi Michael,


Thanks for your email. We just tried to call you and left a message on your voice mail.

Did you see our real customer video reviews?

So basically your ideas look great, with a few possible tweaks, to ensure everything fits

comfortably into the day.


Of course there are a LOT of moving parts, so whomever you work with, I´d suggest you pick an agency with ample experience in Spain luxury travel. This is probably not the lowest cost offer.


Frankly a private luxury trip of some 2 weeks involves a lot of cost, planning time, logistics

management,  + private services of 15+ persons between guides, drivers, winery staff, hotels and others on our team

including daily concierge service during your trip.


Unlike other tour & travel agencies who “sell first, and worry about quality later” we ONLY accept 5 trips at a time,

to ensure quality control & sleep well at night 🙂


The reason is simple, Spain, the land of fiestas and siestas is fantastic but planning requires LOTS of follow up


Thankfully we sell out many weeks and work on a “First Reserve, First Served Basis”


If you prefer to not risk your valuable vacation time and ensure access to EXPERIENCE the best of Spain

then maybe we are a good fit.


To do this trip right and ensure that is truly personalized to fit so

you get max memories to cherish for decades, your investment per person

would be 5,499 to 6,499 euro + tax.

This can vary a bit depending on which hotels are available during what looks to be a BIG 2017 in Spain tourism

again so better to move sooner rather than later.


Next step?….  


Please read about our typical work flow here => .


As we are very busy and time is money, we have a modest retainer fee to save everyone time and filter out the tire-kickers. This means serious customers get more attention. The retainer is 100% credited to your final trip cost.


Look forward to you news or questions, If you´d like to schedule a phone call, the best time is before

lunch in the USA. Just give us 2 options and we´ll get back to you.



Rachel Harris     


“USA’s #1  Spain & Portugal Luxe Adventure Experts….Siesta-Free since 1998 ”     


As seen in  =>  Conde Naste, Forbes, USA Today, Travel Channel, Rick Steves, Fodors  &  Many More   


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On 26 January 2017 at 12:39, Michael  wrote:

Did you see my attached ideas ?  Not sure what I’m supposed to do next?
On Jan 26, 2017, at 3:22 AM, <> wrote:

Hi Micheal,


Thanks for your contact.  We´d love to see if we can help you

but are near fully booked for many weeks in 2017 as we only run 5 private trips /week

to control quality.


Next =>   See our attached Spain Experiences Report in attached PDF.


IF you travel with us this vacation,  you will EXPERIENCE the best of Spain

in exclusive yet fun style tailored to your taste….

Your investment in this 12 day luxury chauffeured  adventure to get one of our 5 private Magical Spain adventures of a lifetime

would be 6,499 to 7,449 euro + tax   per person depending on your hotel choices. This would include 2 rooms in all luxury 5 and 4 star hotels.

This  does not include flights as many people want to get the miles or use miles.

…WITHOUT planning hassles nor siesta-service 🙂


We look forward to your kind news


kind regards,

Rachel Harris


Did you enjoy


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