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Itinerary Highlights

  Just imagine yourself touring Jewish Spain on a private custom luxury tour with top guides, drivers & 24-7 support from Dan & our team.
✔ Beguiling Barcelona with Gaudí’s creations, culture + Girona.
✔ Majestic Madrid, splendid Segovia and timeless Toledo await you.
✔ Amaxing Andalucía with ancient Seville, Córdoba or the Alhambra.
✔ Memorable insider access & skip the lines tours with licensed guides
✔ If desired meet local artists, chefs, artisans, wine or olive oil makers.
✔ Interactive Options: hike, bike, sail, cook, dance, tennis or music.
✔ Cultural options: Cordóba art, show cooking, wine, or Flamenco.
✔ Your private Jewish Spain luxury package is designed with UNESCO highlights.

What's Included

A Very Personalized Itinerary, Just For You and Your Schedule

Hand-Picked Ultra-Luxury & Boutique Hotel Options

Insider Experiences + Inspiring Sightseeing + Magical Upgrades

Private Touring with Your Own Personal Expert Guide

Private Airport & Train Station Luxury Transfers

Full Breakfasts + Food & Wine Tasting Options

Your Choice of Activities on “Design Your Days”®

Expert Advice, Restaurant Ideas & Reservations

24/7 Support & Concierge Service from Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Use our itinerary to inspire your expert-tailored dream trip!


Seville, private guided luxury tours, just for you, your people & your dreams!

Day One

Secrets of Jewish Seville

Embark on a journey through the fascinating history of Jewish Sevilla and uncover its hidden secrets. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets and admire the beautiful mansions as you delve into the rich Jewish heritage of the city. Visit the ancient Jewish Quarter and marvel at the grandeur of Sevilla Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece that houses the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Explore the impressive Alcázar, a dreamlike palace with exquisite gardens and enchanting architecture. Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride to immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of the city.

Flamenco Seville Private Luxury Travel

Day Two

Secrets of Seville - 3 Insider Options

At the peak of Spain's world empire Sevilla was the financial capital with light and shadows... Three guided options 1) Explore the Triana river district including the former Inquisition castle remains, a historic food market, artisan ceramics craftsmen and options for private paella meal show cooking. 2) Alternatively a private guided e-bike tour on a safe , beautiful route with the Torre del Oro, our fav park and the most beautiful plaza of Andalucía, a magnificent masterpiece of architect Anibal Gonzalez. 3) Or for food & wine lovers discover the Seville tapas cuisine, a culinary and social tradition that may include a 17th-century tavern. You'll agree Seville is one-of-a-kind :-)

Cordoba, Spain Old Town

Day Three

Captivating Córdoba

Immerse yourself in the heart of Córdoba, where history and art intertwine in an eternal embrace. Its narrow streets whisper ancient secrets as you wander through the Jewish Quarter. Discover a hidden treasure: the Patios of Córdoba, fragrant gardens that awaken your senses and transport you to an enchanted paradise. Behold the Mezquita-Cathedral, an architectural marvel that merges the past and the present. Delight in the Sephardic Jewish cuisine. Dive into the mystery of Córdoba, where the unexpected stirs your adventurous soul and unveils the magic of forgotten times.

Private Luxury Tour Madrid Spain

Day Four

Majestic Madrid - 3 Insider Options

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Madrid, where history meets contemporary charm. Visit the impressive Royal Palace and be captivated by its royal splendor. Then, delve into the lively Plaza Mayor, surrounded by history and vibrant atmosphere. Alternatively, Art lovers might prefer the world class collection at the Prado museum. The Reina Sofia has outstanding works by Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is known for lesser known works by famous artist. Your day is designed to fit your taste. Later another exclusive guided option for curious foodies... delight your palate with exquisite gourmet tapas and Spanish wines to connect with the essence of Spain.

Toledo Private Luxury Travel

Day Five

Timeless Toledo: 2000 Years of Heritage

Discover Toledo, once known as the "Jerusalem of Europe" has justly been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the middle ages for a time, Jews, Christians, and Muslims coexisted here in a prosperous and highly cultured ambiance of learning, religion and commerce. In 2024, Toledo, beyond the tourist traps, offers a one-of-a-kind cultural fusion: Gothic cathedral, ancient mosque (Cristo de la Luz Mosque), and two synagogues (Santa María la Blanca and Sinagoga del Tránsito). El Greco's art and the grandeur of the Alcázar. Picturesque streets, sunset views from bridges. Unique gastronomy: migas, marzipans. Artisan workshops preserving ancestral crafts heritage.

Barcelona, Spain Friends Making Selfie Photo On Her Smartphone In Front Of The Famous Sagrada Familia Catholic Cathedral. Travel In Barcelona Concept

Day Six

Barcelona - Top Gaudí Sites

Experience the UNESCO creativity of architect Gaudí. His obsessive genius unfolds in all its splendor. From the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia to the whimsical mosaics of Park Güell, his architectural masterpieces will leave you in awe. But what truly sets Barcelona apart is the vibrant energy that pulses through its streets, where art and creativity intertwine in an unparalleled dance. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world and let its unparalleled magic sweep you away.

Gothic Barcelona Private Luxury Tour

Day Seven

Barcelona's Old Town + Surprises

Embark on a journey through the labyrinth of history and charm in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter (former Jewish quarter). Its narrow cobblestone streets transport you through centuries as you discover majestic churches and lively squares. But there's something more: indulge in the unique experience of savoring gourmet tapas, where traditional flavors blend with avant-garde culinary techniques. Pair your tapas with exquisite wines, carefully selected to enhance the flavors and elevate your gastronomic adventure. In the Gothic Quarter, each bite and sip intertwine to create an unforgettable fusion of taste and pleasure.

Besalú Private Luxury Travel

Day Eight

Jewish Heritage of Girona & Beyond

Discover Girona and a nearby town, both with a rich history and a fascinating Jewish legacy. Explore Girona's Call, one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe, with its impressive Major Synagogue. Nearby admire a long forgottem hamlett with the Romanesque bridge and historical remains of a medieval mikveh. An unforgettable experience that will transport you to the past and allow you to explore an important part of Jewish life in the medieval era.

Food Spain Family Luxury Tour

Day Nine

Barcelona Market & Cooking

Back to Barcelona, after a good nights rest a feast for your tastebuds with a chance to learn food secrets of Spain. Explore an iconic Barcelona market where top chefs go to buy fresh ingredients. Then enjoy an exciting, private cooking experience with a chef. You can enjoy wine tasting with tapas while the cooking is underway. Finally sit down and enjoy a tasty traditional Catalan regional meal to remember with an amazing dessert to finish the experience. Let the flavors of the Mediterranean captivate you!

Private Mercedes Transfer Private Luxury Travel

Day Ten

Departure Private Transfer

Experiences may have an ending, but the magical memories can last forever. Today we say farewell as our professional driver and luxury vehicle for your exclusive private transfer awaits to take you from your hotel to the Barcelona airport. Farewell & hope to see you again for a private guided, custom luxury trip.

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