2022 “Healthy Good Life” Spain Retreat with Fab Food, Active & Cultural Fun

You may not know but MagicalSpain founder Dan O’Beirne has been into fitness & nutrition since the early 1980s. He holds a B.Sc in Health Sciences and has worked with professional athletes from the NFL and NBA as well as medical weight loss programs, cardiac rehab in a clinical hospital setting, and finally ran the fitness club on a luxury cruise ship from Miami.

Working 70 hours a week allowed him to bank enough money to escape burnout and travel the world before 30 and become fully bilingual in Spanish. Later he founded Magical Spain after leading active tours in Europe for a few, high-end American companies.

Dan also kept an iron in the fire of wellness & fitness and via his blog Metabolic Motivation. Since he is a fit foodie who loves to eat, he was asked to share his secrets of sustaining a healthy habits, weight and fitness, even while traveling non-stop from 2000 until 2011 or so when he began to date his favorite Spanish dance, now his wife.

Dan has long dreamed of closing the circle and combining his passion for helping others enjoy better lives via simple fitness, nutrition and healthy habits with his love for Spain. During the 2020 Lockdowns, – (after binging on Netflix, beer and Doritos for a month) – Dan decided to refocus on MagicalSpain.com + to instead of Netflix, to build and launch a new digital, health, fitness & wellness coaching platform. See more on VitalityOn.com.

Spain is about friendly, vibrant people, a timeless ancient culture, healthy, delicious, Mediterranean foods and wines of Spain and the variety of types of natural beauty from mountains to sun-kissed Med and Atlantic coastlines.

In 2022 “Healthy Good Life” Spain retreat will be a celebration of Spanish culture + great food, fitness, castles & wine and much more. We will offer a family edition with special activities for kids and a verson for folks without kids.

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