Bob & Jo, a Denver Couple’s Review – Customer Case Study on their Magical Spain Private Tours Experience

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Q: Can you share a bit about how you choose Magical Spain to handle your Spain tour?

A: There are a lot of options well sure we looked at both a local agency with very confident agency there’s a lot of world traveling we had a lot of confidence in them and then we looked at magical Spain just on the internet. Then they got a call from Dan and we talked to him a little bit we compared the two programs that were confident and we kind of chose magical Spain because we liked the contact local contact and there in Spain and they know the area well and we make good recommendations particularly to eat and that sort of thing. So that’s kind of why we chose .

Q: thank you so much and what about the guides?.. I think we’ve spoken briefly about the guides .

A: Well they’re so well suited to the city that they’re showing us they were so enthusiastic did exactly what we wanted to do they kept up with us which is which was great if we wanted to really move they did they made sure that we saw all the important things in the city and then some things that we wanted to see that might not have been so important to them but were important for us to see so they were flexible they’re kind they spoke our language extremely well and so we’re really pleased we’ve really been pleased they really love their cities.

Q: excellent it’s wonderful any final thoughts as far as favorite moments so far?

A: my goodness (As we noted on our first call), we love museums, they are fabulous and we did see quite a few with the with your guides but then they made some suggestions of places that we might want to go. As requested, we did schedule some days on our own which i think is really important yes not only have a guide but also give yourself some time some free time for yourselves. Yes maybe you want to go revisit something sure so that was important some down time to digest things I agree absolutely I think that’s a wonderful idea it really is.

Q: Bob how it’s you what’s been the your favorite thing that you’ve had to eat or drink here so far?

A: favorite meal if you could the tapas yes[Music] and our favorite had to be oh that’s right you had a had a really – excellent wonderful yes it was I wouldn’t consider us foodies Colorado or not you know [Music]

Q: excellent well I have a recommendation and I was a major taking liberty to make a reservation for us for lunch today at a little village restaurant that’s it the best place in the whole Sierra so you’re a X I’m looking forward to it alright well we’re gonna have some hiking today we’re gonna visit the cave if you guys would like and it’s gonna be gonna be a great day we’ve got great weather we’ve got a great driver and we’re in good hands so yes and I’m out of the office first time all year so thank you guys for having me here and and traveling with us okay so that’s all for now thank you again