Barcelona, Private Luxury Guided Tour Tips

Barcelona Private Tour Parc Guell

From pre-schoolers to billionaires, people love to visit the many charms of Spain.

In this post, discover insider cultural travel ideas for a possible Barcelona Private Luxury Tour.

Barcelona is on our top 10 list of Spain & Portugal private travel for a few reasons. Chiefly to experience the breathtaking work of Spain’s most notable architect, Antoni Gaudi. His work is scattered around the city, like buried treasure on a magical island. For many savvy travelers, it alone is reason enough for a visit.

Spain’s most visited city is like nowhere else on earth. Its position on the Mediterranean coupled with its award-winning architecture is bound to leave a mark on even the most seasoned visitor.

The towering and unfinished Sagrada Familia church is one of a kind. The inspiration of nature is alive in Gaudi’s work. A Barcelona Private Luxury Tour might include his home and the surrounding Park Guell. It is an amazing way to admire the unique symbolism, Gaudi’s designs, color combinations and staggering intricacies almost 150 years after it began.

Like many ancient cities, the origins of Barcelona include legend and archeology. Was it actually founded by Hercules as the myth suggests?… Probably not. More likely it was a Carthaginian trading and military outpost.

Whether your interests lay in amazing art, architecture, history, food, football or sailing the Med, the capital of Catalonia is ready to welcome you with a customized Barcelona private tour just for you. It is a dreamy destination for most people. Contact us today about your private luxury Barcelona, Spain tour. It is a dreamy destination for most people.

You will see on arrival, that over the centuries Barcelona has become one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of Europe.

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a little bit of Gaudi. Contact us today to discover Barcelona, Spain Private Luxury Tours options.