Custom Spain private tours 2019

We really like to start off with a phone conversation so that we can both decide if there´s synergy and a good fit to work on your Spain or Portugal vacation adventure.

Our planning is about our customer’s interest, desires and dreams. Availability can be an issue as Spain is very popular and unlike some other agencies, we only work with the top guides and elite tourism service providers.

As our customer, we are happy to revise your itinerary until you are happy. See Magical Spain customer reviews here.

But we don’t conceptualize your trip as a menu of services as it much more than that.

As we only run 5 private Spain trips per week,we can be demanding and only choose the top guides for our Custom Spain private tours in 2019.
Think of it as a restaurant with gourmet tasting menu:

Avoiding wasting your valuable vacation time and mediocre tours is very important to us.

What for example is cost of wasting a day with a Spain tour guide who is inflexible, speaks poor English or is ego-driven and does not really care about your needs?

Customers don’t know how much of the price is for the ingredients, the chefs and team´s time in shopping and cooking, laundering the linen, paying the waiter, the rent, the local, state and national taxes, or all the other hidden costs in providing an excellent tasting menu. So we don’t offer breakdowns either. 

Customers choose whether or not to order the tasting menu based on many factors, including price and opportunities and trust that things are done right. 

For example:

The Toledo old town which has 2000+ years of history is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site. 
Beyond the value of a kind, caring local expert guide, there are areas outside of town with amazing viewsthat you will not have time to visit without a car.

So convenience, comfort, insight, coverage and peace of mind are a big part of the value of our private chauffueredexcursion  +  private guided historic walking tour   +  entrance fees to the main attraction  + reservation or ideas for a non-tourist trap lunch.
But this is not an easy logical place with straight streets, not is it easy to navigate for me even after 10+ visits over the years! Even the monuments opening hours can be strange
with some closing for siesta.

So really it depends on what you are looking for and level of curiosity and if you think you will return. Do you want to be sure to maximize your limited time there not just see but understand the main attractions and the essence of Toledo old and modern?

And then you judge your experience as a totality for your private custom Spain trip 2019

Our Spain expertise and services will be of tremendous value to American travelers for many reasons. 
1) you don’t have to worry about all the little things because we handle them for you so that you can focus on having fun. 
 2) you’ll get much more out of your trip with our best-in-country guides and services. 

3) We have spent 20 years identifying and cultivating the top guides, transport companies, and other service providers. 
4) you will benefit from our 20-plus years of experience that you may not yet have, and you will avoid the pitfalls of trying to plan a trip in a country that does not always function so well. 
 5) Peace of mind:   you will have 24/7 support in clear English should you need anything whatsoever during your travels.

Please advise any questions or concerns about your 2019 Custom Spain private tours.

Rachel Harris

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