How to Cut Cost on Luxury Private Spain Adventures:

Yes it is true…

Usually in life you get what you pay for.   IF it seems to good to be true it usually is.


Yes some travel and tour agencies  are TOO hungry for short-term profit.

The profit-hungry managers / owners conjure up a “faux luxury” sales pitch.

They do so because some less-savvy world travelers will fall prey to the temptation of a deeply discounted luxury vacation package that is slickly and richely marketed and then poorly delivered. P.T. Barnum would be proud

They even if they offer a “luxury hotel” often the worst rooms that no one wants. Among the tricks to cut cost are to cut corners on the quality. This includes the Planning, Execution, Experiences,  their Services, Planning and People. These unscrupulous agencies play you for a fool and think you might not notice the poor planning and shoddy strategy of going cheap to pad profit margins.

3 Examples of How to Cut Cost on Luxury Private Spain Adventures: 
1) Use Cheaper “B team guides” that might not be certified, LACK clear English, clear Passion or Experience your experience can be a waste despite a beautiful setting.
2) Use when “B-Team drivers” transfers are LATE or worse arrive to wrong address
or drop you off in wrong spot.
3) Or  smoke alert…. some”B-team drivers or guides SMOKE around you.
 BOTTOM LINE:  however you travel, beware faux luxury travel operators who who cut

quality corners to offer a lower price that is in our mind a faux luxury fraud.
At Magical Spain, we choose to put Quality before Quantity. This not just hyperbole. Action talks and B.S…. you know the story right? See our real customer testimonials 
Truth is, cutting corners via low quality shoddy services harms the customer´s vacation quality

as you will MISS OUT on exclusive and seamless Spain experiences.

This is why we spend more on the best available experiences to offer our discerning customers what they deserve:
….. the best possible vacation adventure memories. This means not only seamless logistics but also
the best quality of humans and the discerning taste of our American managers.
Next step?….  contact us about your dream Spain or Portugal luxury  adventure tour, made-to-fit!
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