Favorite Villages of Spain – Part 1.

Living in Spain and managing a Spain private luxury tour agency makes it easy to do R & D. So unlike agencies in the USA or UK or Canada, we explore and experience the best of Spain and Portugal's food, wine, small towns, UNESCO jewles and urban charms by stepping out of our homes here. We love to travel by car and explore historic castles on foot, ancient trails bybike and criss-cross España via the super-smooth, modern, AVE bullet trains. 

Well maybe you'd like to know more about our favorite villages of Spain? Here's a few...

My lovely Spanish wife Nuria and I have explored many lesser-known small towns here in Spain. Let's start with one that includes cave houses and sits partially under a rock! 

In southern Spain's exotic Andalucia region we visit Setenil de las Bodegas when we visit our winemaker friends in Ronda. 

And it is no longer just the whitewashed houses under the rock, but cave-streets, viewpoints and very curious corners have been created. 

An almost magical setting, full of cuts and unexpected visions, where even such curious parties as Holy Week in Seville are held. Its medieval origin, specifically Almohad, is visible in the space of La Villa, in the Torre del Homenaje of a great medieval fortress that is preserved and in an underground cistern from the time.

There are Mudejar architectural remains in the old town hall and the historical legacy of Setenil linked to the Christian conquest of 1484 can be followed on the so-called route of the Catholic Monarchs, of which it is part. And for those who prefer open nature, in the surroundings there is a wide range of trails and routes

You see why Setenil is one-of-a-kind and a favorite village of Spain. It hides in the landscape, but not just in the form of caves, as in many other Andalusian towns, but the houses squat under the projection of a gigantic rock, as if they were holding it, propping it up. 

Crossing its streets is scary because of the feeling that at any moment there could be a landslide. This original morphology of the terrain gives Setenil de las Bodegas a unique personality that is different from the rest of the so-called White Villages of the Sierra de Cádiz. 

Hope you enjoyed this report on one of our many favorite villages of Spain. Contact us to talk about how you can experience the insider's best of Spain or Portugal in private, luxury style with a trip made to fit your interest!

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