Is Jerez, Spain Worth a Visit?

Magical Spain founder Dan O’Beirne who has been many times says “To me Jerez is kind of a mini-Sevilla with the same friendly, fun vibe but also world-class, beautiful thoroughbred horses, and historic wine bodegas” 

So is Jerez worth a visit? It depends on what kind of experience you are seeking.

Yes Jerez is famous for it’s strong Sherry wines. But the truth is we don’t get many requests for Jerez wines. Maybe because most wine lovers, including our team, prefer Spanish reds, whites & cavas (Spain’s bubbly).

We find the amazing equestrian show is more interesting for most people even if you are not “into” horses.

We love the dancing horse show at la Real Escuela – I recall the show has been typically Tuesday & Thursday but do check as it is not a huge venue and can sell out. So be sure to pre-book if you want to do it.

A number of our American clients have enjoyed an insider look at of Spanish aristocracy with a private visit to a mansion that has been in the same family for 600+ years!

This Jerez mansion is filled with Spanish art, and family antiques and your visit can sometimes include meeting part of this noble family.

OK so there are many options and travel planning takes a lot of time and focus. We have a solution at the end of this post 🙂 Back to our post, Is Jerez, Spain Worth a Visit? Let’s talk about where to eat & wineries of Jerez.

There are also a number of historic taverns in Jerez they call tabancos. We have a few favorites but will reserve for our clients as they are small.

Now if you like or are curious about sherry wines, here are a few ideas:

Very near the horse Real Escuela,  is the historic Bodega Sandeman  + we also like these 2 sherry wineries:  Diez Merito   +   Lustau (been a few years w/ no contact w/ Lustau).

There is a regional train that takes you into Jerez from Seville and then you could taxi over to La Escuela Real and then hit wineries and a tabanco for a late lunch.

So Is Jerez, Spain Worth a Visit?… We have customers who have returned to Spain 3 and even 4 times and still have not done everything. So maybe best you reach out to one of our expert Spain travel advisors.

Are you a busy professional who wants to be sure their Spain private trip is seamless and stress-free? We plan private custom-made luxury Spain trips and do all bookings. Our clients also get the peace of mind of kind 24/7 support in clear English for our private travel clients while in Iberia

Hope that helps!   Please contact us any questions. or see