Magical Spain Tour Customer Review from American Grandmother

Dear Dan,

So sorry for the delay in responding.  We definitely made it home safe and sound and loved our non-stop flight from Madrid to LA.  I am enclosing a pic the guide shot when you joined us for the hiking day trip!

Toledo was great  We had Laura and Adela and both were knowledgeable fun guides.  The hotel was just fine and well located in the heart of everything.

  Top 3 highlights – very hard to narrow it down to so few, so I won’t 🙂

Madrid: The fine art of the Prado Museum – the gentleman we had as our guide (whose name none of us have) was excellent.  Shira said she’d never really enjoyed an art tour before and was into this tour the entire time.

Not sure if everyone would agree, but I thought the cathedrals in Cordoba, Seville, and Toledo, as well as the Alhambra and synagogue in Toledo were spectacular.  It was impressive how each of the cathedrals adapted the architecture of the rulers in power as that changed through the centuries.The flamenco dance performance.

Random great experiences: Bike ride through Madrid + Zip line in Toledo + The city of Granada and our guide, Laura. Finally the Cooking class in Seville and hiking trip and lunch with you!

Fav hotel: the historic Seville hotel – beautiful hotel, wonderful staff, spacious and elegant.

As we told you, the only change we would have made is a hotel other than the Hotel Urban, which is too modern chic for me.  If I had it to do again, I might stay in one city longer, but I thought it was important that the kids get a feel of different parts of Spain.  No regrets as to how our trip evolved.

As you know from our video, we’d absolutely recommend Magical Spain & Portugal private travel to anyone interested in private Iberian tours.  We were very pleased with virtually every detail.  All guides, drivers, trains, etc. were right on time, spoke excellent English, and made our trip pleasant.  Hotels were great and accommodating.  Your response time and enthusiasm made the whole process enjoyable.

Thank you for everything, Dan.  It was a wonderful introduction to Spain for the kids and all of us enjoyed the journey.  Please thank Rachel, Nuria & Mercedes as well.
With gratitude,