Private Dalí Tours from Barcelona

The eccentric artist Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was one of the most popular artists in the world. OMG, would he have loved social media!

He was made famous by his surrealist images, his decadent lifestyle, his crazy mustache, his provocative attitudes and his bizarre ideas. He loved to provoke other and remain the center of attention. Was he an actor also?…

Now about our Dalí private tour options…

There are three important Salvador Dali sites in three different places in northeast Spain’s Catalunya region. You do not need to be an art lover to enjoy the unique and controversial story and life of Salvador Dalí 🙂

Read on to discover why… might enjoy on our Private Guided Dalí Tours with Deluxe Private Transport from Barcelona:

  • Dali Theater Museum in Figueres,
  •  the Castle-Museum in Pubol
  •  House-Museum in Portlligat (Cadaques).

Below is a bit more detail and backstory on Dalí and our Private Guided Dalí Tours from Barcelona:

The famous Spanish artist and showman Salvador Dali was born in Figueres, Spain. This in the NE just about 2 hours away from Barcelona and near the Mediterranean Sea.

Never shy, Dalí created his own surrealist museum (in former town theater). It’s 100% different from most art museums because Dalí was more than an artist.

Next, you might like the historic mansion /castle. Dalí bought it for Gala, his wife and muse. Dali is said to have called Gala his Queen. So did she deserve a castle? You be the judge 🙂

Finally if you are up for a long day, there is Cadaques. It is a charming Med fishing village. Dalí as a child spent summers here. He bought and reworked a few fishermen’s cabins to create a unique home & studio.

Did he go to the castle often? Or did he prefer other amusements in his coastal hideout? On our private Dalí guided tour with driver, you can find out 🙂

You might be able to do these 3 in 1 day but not with Girona.  Alternatively, pick one Dalí site, the Dalí Theater is best,  + Girona private medieval walking tour.

This private Dali tour can be part of many of our private Spain custom travel and tour programs in 2022-23. Contact us today to explore your options. Best from Spain!