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6:44 AM, Aug 30th, 2021 Madrid, Spain

Buenas Dias & Good Morning,

Magical Spain founder Dan O’Beirne here, are you thinking about a private custom Spain or Portugal tour of a lifetime but you have questions?

Since we get many of the same questions, we like to do post like this sometimes to save time make it easy for our customers and potential customers to learn more about how I and Magical Spain & Portugal Team works.

Want to see customer reviews? I understand 100%, due diligence is important so be sure to ask for customer reviews by video as they are nearly impossible to fake. Some of ours are here  >>>   Real Customer Video Reviews  <<<

Next, a recent email exchange after a Zoom call with an intrepid southern California couple, Peg & Ron.

Thanks so much for the time this morning.  I enjoyed getting to know you and Magical Spain a bit more and the discussion around our plan.  Good to talk to you too.

Following our call I spent some additional time on your website viewing some of the insider experiences and perusing your website more in-depth.  

Question about the logos that appear on your website (USA Today, Condé Nast, etc) Has your company been mentioned? Yes we were mentioned, mostly online and some in print. The Conde Nast thing was in their blog years ago and a customer found it. We had no idea and we just focus on delivering memorable, custom trips. There’s lots of “moving parts” on these trips + happy customers is our #1 marketing.

 Nowadays IME press mentions is often “pay to play”. Sometimes from the media company or other times from a “travel journalist” who wants a free trip and promises you a NYT or WSJ article. We got burned on that once, no more. 

We’d love some great experiences….tapas , olive oil, wine, art, music, fun…it’s all what we love…but all within reason.    –     Cool y’all sound like my kind of people. we can make it happen and sans tourist traps 🙂 

On the slightly crazy exclusive side…

 We do have a relationship with the affluent owners of a super-premium organic olive oil (one of the most expensive in Europe) They sometimes (when not traveling or entertaining ) will host our customers for a private lunch in their medieval castle after touring their farm and olive oil mill. Costly but it’s 100% unique and memorable.
I look forward to hearing back from you and hoping  ????????we can make a match !   –   hope so, if so maybe I can invite you two for a coffee or vino (or both) at one of the many outdoor terrace bars in Seville or Madrid.
Oh, and by the way, we love a really good paella ????.     
Cool, we have that covered too!   

Personally, I used to be pre-diabetic so keep trying to invent a low carb version but then it’s all sofrito, shrimp, calamari & fish, very savory but not really paella  🙂  

Gracias y hasta pronto!

Dan“USA’s #1 Spain & Portugal Private & Custom Travel Experts…  Your Way Since 1998 ”      
 >>>   Real Customer Video Reviews  <<<  

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