“Romantic Fairy Tales Come True!” on this Luxury Spain & Portugal VIP Honeymoon + Customer Review.

Romantic Luxury Honeymoon Adventure In Spain Portugal 1

In the photo above, Magical Spain’s Dan O’Beirne with 2 of our favorite luxury honeymoon customers ever, Ron & Mary Ellen.

Below is some of the backstory of this fairy tale romantic luxury honeymoon adventure in Spain & Portugal with 5 star luxury hotels, private guided touring, active fun and dining in Iberia’s best restaurants each night. Read on to discover what the guest said about their experience…

Ron: “A number of months ago and Mary Ellen and I decided to get married, we decided to pick a place to go on a romantic honeymoon and we have never been to this part of Europe we said let’s go to Spain and Portugal. Mary Ellen just fiddling around on the internet came up with Dan’s wonderful company which is Magical Spain & Portugal we did our research, looked at reviews. Then we spoke over the phone and I knew after speaking with him I was dealing with a pro but I had no idea just how professional they really are. This is an amazing, amazing trip put together… and mark my words I’ve been around a long time 72 years ago I’ve done a lot of traveling.. I don’t know if I’ve ever ever had this much fun! Do yourself a favor give Dan a call you’ll have the time of your life!

Dan: Wow Ron thank you from the bottom of my heart I mean this is you know we have a small boutique Spain & Portugal luxury agency and to get this kind of accolades while on your honeymoon tour in Spain, from such an articulate successful guy like Ron this guy works for Morgan Stanley by the way – you can look him up he’s not a paid actor although he’s a good looking guy 🙂

Ron: Every accolade I gave you is well deserved and Justified believe me folks you’ll have a ball thank you.

See video of this very happy American newlyweds on their Spain & Portugal luxury romantic honeymoon getaway here.

Romantic luxury honeymoon adventure in Spain & Portugal