Spain Tapas 101

In talking with our customers for our private tours of Spain over the last 20 years, we see some very understandable confusion about tapas. Spanish food is much more always than tapas.

Tapas is not about the ingredients in general. It’s more about the portion size, serving style and even the type of plates used. For example if your want to share tapas for 3+ people, we suggest una racion

  • Montadito (small bit of food “mounted” on or between a small piece bread)
  • Tapa (small plate / snack) – This might be a few pieces of cheese, or olives, or tortilla Española
  • Media Racion (half portion) – This is more food, maybe 2 tapas but can vary.
  • Racion (full portion) – This is again more food, maybe 4 tapas but can vary.
  • Pintxo (food on a stick) – typical in northern Spain but found in Andalucia also.

To experience the best of Spain’s amazing cuisine, you MUST avoid the slick tourist traps that seem authentic but are a poor imitation of the best foods and charms of Spain.

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