Spain Travel Covid News Updates 2021

What can visitors expect?

Due to the increasing vaccination rates and immunity in Spain, tourism for the summer of 2021 and beyond is opening up. American Airlines, Delta and Continental are expected to resume regular flights in May 2021.

In April 2021, the government of Spain announced the decision to lift the state of emergency in early May, which they did.

Traveling between Spain’s regions and into Portugal is now permitted.

Face masks continue to be required inside public places across the country.

It’s still best to check in advance what individual restrictions are in each region before planning a visit. Spain’s official tourism website is a helpful resource.

Useful links

Health Control Form Spanish Tourist BoardSpanish Government health website

News on tourism & culture in Spain

Do you LOVE culture?…  Cordoba has more UNESCO-rated sights than most cities in Europe. Seville, Granada, Madrid and Barcelona are quite high on the list too.

Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood has been named the top spot in the world. A few hours up the Med coast, is Dali’s bizarre theater / self-curated museum.