Stargazing in Spain

Imagine stepping outside after dinner and admiring the majesty of the Milky Way. Let’s talk about stargazing in Spain, shall we?

Spain is the 2nd largest country of western Europe after France. But due to high urban population trends has some of the very best rural spots in Europe for stargazing.

Do you know the hardest part?… Choosing just one to visit!

We have a few privileged natural venues with clear, high-quality night skies. Some, like one in the Extremadura region, include high-quality telescopes. Others include a luxury winery hotel with spa.

Either way, you and your family or friends can experience the divine beauty of the sky. The select venues are united by their minimal light pollution. This means magical stargazing opportunities await.

Our customers agree this is an unforgettable experience for those who appreciate star gazing! Contact us for more details on stargazing in Spain, now as part of our private luxury custom tours of Spain & Portugal.