The Best Guide in Spain?

Founder Dan O’Beirne tagged along on a private Spain castles tour and food experience with amazing family customers from New Orleans. The gentleman in the middle was out guide and amazing host!

Do you want to find the best guide in Spain?…

Since guiding in Spain is a heavily regulated field, you’ll soon discover that most guides are specialist, local guides. This is because getting licensed takes a lot of time and effort. But for us and our demanding customers, that is not enough just to be licensed.

Because like doctors, or lawyers, you can find Great, Good & Bad levels of quality and various levels of caring for customers best interest. We ONLY work with the very best guides who care and communicate well.

Yes it is true, have kissed many frogs to find them.

So then, our select, officially licensed guides are not just experts, but are selected for caring and empathy not ego. That means they have a good head and heart and care about people.

If you appreciate how important this can be to enjoy an unforgettable guided tour as part of a luxury custom-made Spain trip, then contact us and let’s talk about your dream trip.

Do you want to find the best guide in Spain?… don’t wait as 2023 is booking up quickly for summer.

Who are we?..

We are American-run, Spain-based with team members / partners all over Portugal & Spain. We still run only 5 trips per week in either country because we put quality over quantity.

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