The Top Spanish Luxury Hotels for Americans

Our esteemed American clientele, often with a discerning taste for the finer things in life, demand nothing less than top Spanish luxury hotels and daily private tours or excursions. That’s why we meticulously curate our relationships with top luxury hotels. Whether you yearn for a romantic escape, a luxurious family retreat, or an incentive-driven business trip we have the solutions. Below see a sample that does not include some of our favorites that are smaller luxury boutiques or larger but hard to book.

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Madrid, Medieval Old Town Plaza

The Best Luxury Hotels in Spain for Discerning Clients

Splendor and Luxury: The Dream Hotels We Choose for Our Clients in Spain

When it comes to offering our clients the best in luxury accommodation in Spain, we carefully select hotels that are not just places to sleep, but living experiences of elegance, history, and refinement. I have had the privilege of visiting each of these hotels and can personally attest to their exceptional nature.

Madrid: Four Seasons Hotel Madrid and Mandarin Oriental Ritz

The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid is an oasis of sophistication and style amidst the bustle of the capital. From its elegant rooms to its first-class gastronomy, every element is designed to enchant. The Mandarin Oriental Ritz, with its classic facade and opulent lounges, is a journey into luxury of yesteryear, a place where time seems to stand still among its history-laden walls.

Seville: Hotel Alfonso XIII

At the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville, Andalusian magnificence comes to life. Its rooms are an ode to elegance, with details that speak of a rich cultural legacy. The Andalusian courtyards and scented gardens are a serene refuge, a place where the soul feels at home.

Barcelona: Mandarin Oriental and Hotel Arts

The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona is a haven of peace amidst urban dynamism. Each room is a sanctuary of tranquility and good taste. The Hotel Arts, on the other hand, is a spectacle of modernity and luxury, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and service that anticipates every desire.

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Costa del Sol: Marbella Club Hotel and Finca Cortesin

The Marbella Club Hotel is a paradise where glamour and discretion meet. Here, each stay is an experience of indulgence and pleasure. Finca Cortesin is a sublime example of luxury and attention to detail, with its impressive golf course and an atmosphere of unparalleled calm.

Mallorca: Grand Hotel Son Net and Belmond La Residencia

The Grand Hotel Son Net in Mallorca is a dream come true. Its views of the hills and stately architecture invite reflection and rest. Belmond La Residencia, in the heart of Deià, is a work of art, where each room is a canvas and every view, a poem.

Whether you yearn for a romantic escape, a luxury family Spain adventure, or an incentive-driven business getaway, we have the perfect Spanish luxury hotels for your discerning needs. Embark on a journey of refined elegance and unparalleled luxury, where every detail is meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience. Each of these hotels has been chosen for their ability to offer not just a place to sleep in luxury, but an immersion in Spanish regional charm and beauty. For our clients, we ensure that each stay is a memorable experience, filled with moments that linger in time and in the heart.

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