Warning: Beware “Low Cost” Faux Luxury

Sometime the cheaper things are more costly they become later.

At Magical Spain, we create seamless unforgettable private Spain tours & Portugal adventures to be remembered for decades. Of course this involve lots of expert planning & coordination of many “moving parts” from top guides, to drivers, to hotel special request, meals and our unique insider experiences in Iberia.

But maybe you are tempted by the lower cost tours …   if you are a backpacker with lots of time do that!

But if you are a busy person with a busy life this might be your ONLY opportunity to do Spain and or Portugal in unique style. Now imagine a perfect overseas vacation tour.

With a savvy low cost agency, maybe it looks great on paper, BUT what if the details are not right?

Yes a novice staff or overworked professional can make bone-headed mistakes.

Or worse yet, forget important details like your food needs, special request, allergies,

hotel preferences.  That is a risk one takes with low cost mass market travel tours.

This is why we ONLY offer 5 private Spain tours per week, to control travel quality & offer the best 24/7 service in clear English. Thanks for reading Warning: Beware “Low Cost” Faux Luxury.


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