What to Do in Seville, Spain after the Alcazar & Santa Cruz quarter?… Our Top 10 Insider Ideas from Spain travel experts & residents.

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The ancient streets and plazas of old Seville near to the UNESCO listed Alcazar Palace, used by Game of Thrones.

But you want to know what to do in Seville, Spain after the Alcazar & Santa Cruz quarter?… Great question and here are 10 of 100 ideas we have 🙂 BTW, if you’ve not yet chosen a Spain tour itinerary with Seville, you can find some of our best ideas here

  1. Zip along the bike paths to Seville’s highlights on a Private Bike Tour: Explore Seville’s hidden gems and iconic landmarks on a private bike tour. This personalized experience allows you to move at your own pace and discover lesser-known corners alongside a knowledgeable guide.
  2. Uncover Culinary Secrets with a Historic Market Visit: Immerse yourselves in Seville’s rich food scene with a visit to a bustling historic market. Here, you’ll meet local vendors, learn about seasonal ingredients, and select fresh produce that you can enjoy later at your leisure.
  3. Delve into Flamenco Culture with a Live Performance: Immerse yourselves in the captivating world of flamenco with a live performance in a traditional tablao (flamenco venue). Witness the dancers’ skill and passion as they bring this vibrant art form to life.
  4. Unwind at a Traditional Hammam: Indulge in a relaxing Hammam experience and discover the tranquility of a Moorish bathhouse. Immerse yourselves in the steam rooms, treat yourselves to a massage, and rejuvenate after a day of exploring Seville.
  5. Explore the Artistic Heart of Seville at the Museum of Fine Arts: Embark on a journey through Spanish art history at the renowned Seville Museum of Fine Arts. Admire masterpieces by Spanish giants like Velázquez, Murillo, and Zurbarán, and delve into various artistic movements across the centuries.
  6. Glide through Seville on a Kayak Tour: Experience Seville from a unique vantage point with a kayak tour on the Guadalquivir River. Paddle alongside historical landmarks, admire the city skyline from a different perspective, and gain insights into Seville’s maritime past.
  7. Uncover Triana’s Artistic Soul: Cross the bridge to Triana, a vibrant neighborhood renowned for its rich pottery tradition, lively flamenco scene, and delectable tapas bars. Wander the charming streets, visit a local ceramics workshop to witness the art of pottery making, and soak up the energetic atmosphere.
  8. Embark on a Tapas Adventure: Immerse yourselves in the heart of Spanish cuisine with a tapas bar crawl through Seville’s authentic establishments. Sample an array of delectable small plates, from savory pintxos to fresh seafood, paired with local wines and sangria. Discover hidden gems and experience the vibrant social scene of Seville.
  9. Uncork the Flavors of Spain with a Wine Tasting: Embark on a journey through Spanish wines with a guided tasting session. Learn about different grape varietals, regional specialties, and the art of winemaking in Spain. Savor a selection of delicious wines and discover new favorites.
  10. Immerse yourselves in a Performance at the Teatro de la Maestranza: Treat yourselves to an unforgettable evening at the magnificent Teatro de la Maestranza. This architectural gem hosts a variety of performances throughout the year, from classical concerts and operas to flamenco shows. Choose a performance that suits your interests and immerse yourselves in Seville’s cultural tapestry.

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